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Animated music video parody of the game Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF).

Video Game Musicals #84: Friday Night Funkin’ The Musical
It’s Friday night, and Boyfriend is ready to challenge anyone who gets in the way of his funkin’ with Girlfriend…such as Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest, Pico, Skid and Pump, Monster, Senpai, Santa, and dear old Newgrounds fave Tankman. Will Boyfriend suffer from blue balls or will he be victorious week after week, Friday after Friday?

►Animation: Danny Lesco ()
►Lyrics, Song & Vocals: Logan H-Clark ()
►Vocals & Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano ()

Verse 1:

Up, down, left, right.

Up, down, left, right.

You wanna funk with me tonight?
First you gotta win the ultimate rap fights.

(Daddy Dearest)
(Beatboxes with his mouth for two bars)
Your styleʼs just like Parappa The Rapper, Ripped right off a 90ʼs disaster,
Whoʼs yo daddy? Waooo

You so crappy, waooo
Shut your mouth old man, Iʼm Parappa the ripper, Cause Iʼm going viral and my rhymes are sicker. Your daughterʼs mine, weʼre gonna set sail,
But first defeat your wife, consider her nailed.

Rap battles land on Fridays, Gotta make sure they go my w=y. Rhyme fast, canʼt be slow,
Each week got a different foe:
Week 1, Daddy Dearest on a Stage.
Week 2, Spooky Month, ready to rage.
Week 3, Pico on the city streets.
Week 4, Mommy Mearest on the dance floor. Week 5, Santa tryin to survive.
Week 6, Senpaiʼs full of tricks,
Then a Spirit drops hot rhymes and spits. Week 7, final battle in Tankmanʼs dwellin.

Verse 2:
This Friday night is Halloween
Which means itʼs Spooky Month, yeah, itʼs time to scream!

Sorry pal, you donʼt scare us,

Cause your style is whack and your rhymes are bust.

Hey pumpkin head and you! Stupid boner! Youʼre just two sad, pathetic loners. Halloweenʼs not a month, itʼs just a day, Celebrating for so long is just lame.

You ainʼt gettin funked, enjoy blue balls,
Girlfriendʼs in love, for Senpai she falls.
Girlfriend likes you for pastime leisure, But calls on ME for real pleasure.
32 bit, youʼre a real drag,
And the w=y you dress is like a f-

You canʼt say things like THAT here!

Full Chorus Repeats

Separate you from your a**,
Forgot to include me in the chorus. Burn your fingernails,

You are an ugly a** monster,
In nightmares you’re the haunter. What more can I say?

Your skin is freezing let me help you take it off, I love when it feels so soft.
Soak your hands in freezing water,
Your hopes of getting laid I will slaughter.
Because your girlfriend wants you to be the best freestyler in the world… …but Iʼm the best.


Half Chorus
Rap battles land on Fridays, Gotta make sure they go my way. Rhyme fast, canʼt be slow,
Each week got a different foe.

(c) LHUGUENY 2021


  1. this is the type of video to play while torturing someone

  2. whatthefuck whatthehell happened Ahejakfbaidjfhuruehrhd

  3. no excuse me.This Sucks ROTTEN DOG ASS

  4. I feel like Monster and the springtrap from this youtube channel’s fnaf 3 video would be best friends

  5. Nrkjs.dkfnmdkxbfmckbfnckfjfmcjjfjkfhbrkgjfnfmkrmrñfjrnflrknrlgjfbrmdk eto escuché

  6. Why the hell is that when they say week 5 it sounds like week 1

  7. My mum will not let me watch this because this has bad words but I watched it anyways

  8. Remember the Mario musical you need to be a og to remember that

  9. Daddy derast disaster dam boy friend shut your mouth old man

  10. Why did daddy derest show santa a gun that’s rude of him

  11. for the first time, a song has managed to slow down time for me. usually when i listen to music time goes by faster, but this literally felt twice as long as it actually was. that's a genuine achievement. nothing has ever done that for me before.

  12. Remember when you used to be fire now what is thiszz

  13. oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh
    oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh
    ohh ohh ohh
    stoooory of friday night funkin

  14. I used to watch this guy and he has not Improved like the beat is ok the singing nah kinda cringe to be honest

  15. I remember practically growing up watching this guys videos, especially the call of duty ones, and after a while, I came back to the find this. I am, heartbroken. 😢


  17. 1:12 I swear they messed up a ton of personality's especially the spooky kid's they don't insult people.

  18. 1:20 If they are loners how come are they friends? They aren't alone, their literally on top of eachother.

  19. Honestly I loved the old cod animations and when THEY animated it…

  20. damn when did boyfriend start getting in those mukbangs

  21. ok, the music slaps, but the animation makes it funnier. Im not saying that i hate them though

  22. Okay Skid and Pump's voices are straight up perfect
    I love how BF is just being roasted by 2 kids in that part lol

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