🎤 Friday Night Funkin' BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND Glass ART CHALLENGE! 🎤 - currygoatrevenge.com

🎤 Friday Night Funkin’ BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND Glass ART CHALLENGE! 🎤

Art with Artemis
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✨🎤It’s Friday Night Funkin’ Time!! 🎤✨

✨Watch me make Friday Night Funkin’ Art on Glass!! Yes, on glass! ✨

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  1. I love your channel but I have one question about it HOW CAN YOU DO THE AMY VOICE! Amy’s voice is so high-pitched it’s hard to believe you actually do it but if you do that’s impressive keep up the good work

  2. hey you think draw your ocs and girlfriend please couple drawings of them please next time I can wait for it at well upload some videos to me to watch

  3. Can you try to show us how to draw boyfriend and girlfriend

  4. Wow Artemis this is such awesome video I love it.😃👍

  5. Artemis i love this video and awesome thumbnail" 😉

  6. Ooo Atemis i dind't know you like FNF
    I like this type of art OwO

  7. This is such a cool art technique! It kind of reminds me of old animation cels. Awesome job, Artemis! 😀

  8. Is it me or does your voice a little different then in previous videos? 👀

    What I mean is, before I remember the shyness and quietness sound, but now I’m hearing more confident and a little louder sound if your voice!
    I was making a compliment, just in case. Cx

  9. You are absolutely are incredibly and an super talented lady I ever met Queen Jenny! You are an absolute cute person as amy!❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Love❤ from India🇮🇳 😄😄I like your all drawings 😇

  11. I didn't know painting on glass could look that good. Great video 👍👌



  13. Hi Artemis!! I am a huge fan of you!! 😁😁😁😃

  14. Can you draw Sonic and Amy Pls ? From Carley Roscoe

  15. That’s soooooo COOL AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Your just as amazing as Abigailsouthart

  17. Im not a utuder but i draw Friday night funkin to im a fan

  18. Her voice is so cute! We must protect the smol bean!💗🌸🥺

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