🎶🎤[] Friday night Funkin’ React to 🕹⭕️ Indie Cross ⭕️🕹[] 🖊😈Bendy week 😈🖊[]🎤🎶 - currygoatrevenge.com

🎶🎤[] Friday night Funkin’ React to 🕹⭕️ Indie Cross ⭕️🕹[] 🖊😈Bendy week 😈🖊[]🎤🎶

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🎶🎤[] Friday night Funkin’ React to 🕹⭕️ Indie Cross ⭕️🕹[] 🖊😈Bendy week 😈🖊[]🎤🎶

✨Hello fellow ✌️2gooders!✌️😎✌️✨

✨Welcome to The last part of 🕹⭕️Indie Cross⭕️🕹 Where this time, It’s 🖊😈Bendy 😈🖊from Bendy and the 🖋🎰 Ink Machine 🎰🖋

✨ But I need to Explain Myself: 😞😞😞 I’m sorry for Cutting the 🎧4️⃣Fourth song 4️⃣🎧 The reason why’s because I wanted to ✅finish this✅ Like now, So I can Make 😡🐦Angry birds Epic. 🐦😡 I’ll be Doin ☝️1️⃣part 11️⃣☝️ Then 2️⃣✌️part 2✌️2️⃣ Then 3️⃣ Part 33️⃣ Because why not?

✨Anyways ☮️✌️Peace out ✌️2gooders!✌️😎✌️✨ And Hope Y’all have a🎄🎅Happy holidays!🎅🎄

🕹⭕️Indie cross⭕️🕹 Full week:

🕹⭕️Indie Cross⭕️🕹🖋😈bendy Week:😈🖋

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00:00 Intro + Angry person wanted part 3. Xd
00:36 FNF characters BF, GF, Monika, Sarv, Taki, & Senpai.
01:03 BF kisses GF 🙂
01:22 BF and Senpai fight over GF XD
01:30 Characters In sitting Positions + Animation Dialogue
02:00 1: Imminent Demise (BF vs Bendy Cutout XD)
03:11 Animation 2
03:31 The song Continues.
04:50 Animation 3
05:19 2: Terrible Sin (BF vs Ink demonic Bendy)
07:32 Animation Dialogue 4
07:54 3: Last Reel (BF vs Ink bendy + Butcher gang.)
09:13 Censored of Finger Flicked/ Jumpscare.
10:03 Ink Waves or Shadow? + Health drains
10:12 Song Continues With Cutout jumpscare.
10:56 Animation 5
11:17 4: Nightmare Run (BF vs Bendy/ Cut Due to Laziness Xd.)
12:39 Ending
13:20 Whitty Rages Because of Butcher gangs.
13:50 Extremely Painful!
14:28 Outro.


  1. Por que no ellos reaccionan a él rap de sonic.exe de FNF o de witi vs tabi

  2. U could of just censored bf’s hand instead of just, well, bf

  3. Sans and cuphead:meh


  4. Bendy is most likely to be the strongest character bf has ever met that is why he is able to drain bf’s health other’s health gets drained by bf unlike them bendy possess powers stronger than others ink demon also can’t die due to ink machine

  5. ✨Guys Plz stop ✋🛑 Discouraging This video 🎥📽 Or I’ll have Blood Pressure🩸 and remove Your Comment.
    (I’m sorry 😣😞 I just Can’t control my anger, when people are very mean 😭)


    Edit:Did bf really say that….

  7. Kkkkkkkkk o boy friend and schizophrenic

  8. He wasn't supposed to kill, he was supposed to escape that's why.

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  10. Gf:what a scary jump-scare


  11. Bendy:-screaming

    Bf:-get reminded of Whitty

  12. Ficou muito bom eu sou o fã do boyfriend e a namorada e o pico ele são o meus jogo falar para eles sou o fã do boyfriend e a namorada e o pico sou o fã dele

  13. Falar por boyfriend por ele ama a namorada do jogo eu sou j fã dele e da namorada

  14. ;-; this was hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  15. Why did bf do the midl fear 😮😮😮

  16. the bakeround song is the indie cross i love that mod so much

  17. ❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉😮😮😮😮😊😊😊

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