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20 MOST LIKELY Characters for Friday Night Funkin’!

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Week 8? Tricky the Clown? 20 ACTUAL CHARACTERS!? From FNF Mods to Newgrounds mascots, we go over Friday Night Funkin’s DEFINITIVE newcomer list (with evidence), for the full game! We talk about a few reputable FNF leaks, and rather unknown teasers from Phantom Arcade & Ninjamuffin, the official FNF developers. Your favorite character may show up on this list, so let’s find out if they’re makin’ the cut!

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That’s right, in this spankin’ whammy of a 15 minute vid, we go over FNF’s most likely characters for the full game, week 8, & more! This ranges from Friday Night Funkin base game characters like Ritz the Rat and the Stalker Girls, to popular FNF Mods like Hank, Cassette Girl (if that counts haha), and Tricky from Madness Combat!

We start our journey with some of the characters mentioned above, and then transition into the FNF week 8 leaks, Darnell and Nene from Pico’s School. We also include Cassandra, which is a lesser-known confirmation from the FNF team, including Phantom Arcade and Ninjamuffin. Then, we go over the Stalker Girls and their complicated situation, haha. But then, we head into the 75% category!

This includes with Isaac from the Binding of Isaac, and Edd from the Eddsworld series. Then, we delve into another “leak”, including Leo and Satan, & Smash Girl from OneyNG and Spazkid. This “leak” has some evidence going for it, such as predicting the official Nendoroid Boyfriend figure a whole year before its release. It also features a later-confirmed sketch of Cassette Girl. But with that, we enter the 50% category!

This starts off with Henry Stickmin, from the Henry Stickmin Collection! Then, we talk about Alien Hominid, and his likely appearance based on past evidence! The Nightmare Cops also make an appearance, including a cameo in the Week 5 background of Friday Night Funkin’. We mention some more Newgrounds mascots, then delve into the trenches of the 25% category!

This category features more speculation from myself, rather than AverGoat’s evidence (so please flame me instead of him if the characters are too spicy, lol). We start off with an FNF mod character! We talk about multiple choices, such as Whitty, but the FNF developers like PhantomArcade and Ninjamuffin99 may choose a Newgrounds-spirit based mod like 7Quid.

But then, we talk about Hatsune Miku, a longtime speculated FNF newcomer veteran! The FNF devs have talked about wanting her in the past, including exclusive interviews back in 2021 before FNF really blew up. We bring up the budget of the FNF Kickstarter, and how it still may be a battle licensing her into the game. After that, I bring up Egoraptor, aka Arin Hanson from Game Grumps! Egoraptor was an early internet Newgrounds King. You’ve probably seen his animations before, at least somewhere. Even though Arin’s moved on from his Newgrounds days, I still think he’s one of the most solid picks for representing Newgrounds.

And finally, we reveal the last character… none other than a sock puppet! Aka, Clowfoe (aka the creator of the Vs. Imposter mod). But then, he turns into an Impostor! And then… he turns into a regular Among Us character! That’s right, the last character is an Amogus. I talk about it for like, 2 mins straight like a maniac. But essentially, this character can act as both a mod character, and a Newgrounds rep! Among Us is tied to the company Innersloth, which is tied to Henry Stickmin, which appeared on Newgrounds… and the rabbit hole goes deeper. I explain it more in-depth, and yes, for whatever reason I used a Giygas background from the Mother series to represent the chaos, haha!

Emojis provided by “Twemoji” on Twitter!

“Smash Girl” art by @Capnsqueakerz on Newgrounds!

Again, thank you to @averagegoat5359 (Twitter: @A49047) for all the help! He’s one of a kind, so check him out!

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  1. I think another pretty solid 75%-50% chance character could be P-Bot! If I'm not mistaken, in the cover art for the Erect Remixes, he appears on the vending machine GF sits on!

  2. Id like to see an official homestuck collab

  3. I really can't wait for the full game or the week8 update if that comes out i can tell that fnf is gonna be a wild project once they fully complete it i really can't wait dude

  4. surprised that Sans wasn't bought up because iirc phantomarcade drew art of sans as a funkin idle but I forget the context behind that

  5. Meta's enthusiasm is pure entertainment. The news reporter of fnf.

  6. Finally someone that gives actual information of FNF. Theres a lot of people saying bullsh*t and lies, but you actually know about what's going on with the game.

  7. Among us in FNF crossover then that means fnf hats and pets 😮

  8. Wait, didn't PhantomArcade said in Twitter that fnf was cancelled?

  9. sonic or sonic.exe must have a week or at least make a cameo, he made a part of fnf himself

  10. 75%:


    Any of the Castle Crashers

    Salad Fingers

    Daddy Dearest Round 2

    Sock Puppet (The one in the files with a guitar)


    Strawberry Clock

    Geometry Dash (feuding in the intro texts of both games might hint at an upcoming collab).

    Little Runmo

    Fancy Pants



    Sonic (Would be in 50% if GameFam never aquired Funky Friday. Very frequently crosses over with other games. SEGA would be willing, but the Funkin team is likely to reject Sonic).

    Zone-Sama (Could be included due to both their popularity and to break the stigma that FNF is for kids. However, this come at a risk of both angered moral guardians and kids stumbling upon sonething that harms their development)

    Bloons ( Has roots in Newgrounds, but is now primarily a mobile game and has a target demographic opposite of FNF's. Ninja Kiwi might reject the offer for PR reasons).

    Happy Tree Friends (chances severely harmed by recent NFT scandal).

    Object Show


    Super Mario Bros Z: (Nintendo would send agents to Newgrounds HQ)

    Parappa the Rapper (Copyright and less developer interest that Miku).

    Garten of Banban ( Despite being one of the most requested crossovers, the lack of developer interest, numerous controversies, and the negative reception stop this from being likely.)

    Learning with Pibby (Both parties would likely accept, but it would devolve into a legal hellscape due to the many properties that the Funkin team would need to get legal permission for to make the week faithful to the show).

    Smash Bros ( Same issues as Z and Pibby, but lessened. Smash already has Bayonetta so appropriateness is not an ussue. If there was a crossover, then BF would be more likely to get into Smash than Master Hand has a chance at entering FNF).

  11. If Funkin’ is successful (probably will) It should get dlc weeks (kinda like smash bros with a week + erect remix and new character) With 5 new weeks, my picks would be: Among us crewmate
    Hatsune Miku
    Salad Fingers
    And finally…
    Alloy or ENA.
    If they aren’t in the full game

  12. i didn't know that an Eddsworld rep had such a good chance, it would explain why there have been vary little cartoons from their channels, (nether did i know they donated to FNF)

  13. Are there any characters the devs have bluntly said won't be added

  14. i really want Leo and Satan, meat boy, henry, and pbot in fnf at some point, they're so fuckin cool

  15. 7:00

    To confirm, yes, Dave/Phantomarcade has appeared on Chris/OneyNg's channel a few times before, Oneyplays
    Something notable of that would be the Slightly Artistic videos that were posted

    As for Spazkid, I have no idea

  16. I’ve been out of the FNF community for so long I didn’t even know that D-Sides had an update like 😛

  17. Why did I forget fnf existed for a few days. Thanks for reviving me from memory loss lol

  18. You didn't mention the "Under Construction" FNF teaser that references the Eddsworld episode "Hammer and Fail", even though it's pretty big evidence that puts Eddsworld in the 100% category in my opinion.

  19. I like to think that if Ninjamuffin were to add Henry Stickmin into the game, I feel like he would have the option sound effects as his voice, just like how they made Sunny's voice ine Funk Space. 🤔

  20. Hi it's Aver's girlfriend! I'm glad I helped him muster the courage to tell you his theories. He's had these in mind for months now, and seeing them actually becoming public makes me happy ^^
    Thank you so much for posting this video! He's very happy about it, and I'm happy to see it! 😀

  21. Where is Sonic. Exe? 🙁


  22. If edd gets featured, WE WILL BE EATIN GOOD TONIGHT!

  23. wii sports matt and shaggy are the best characters in all of fnf, prove me wrong

  24. Fun Fact: Since Krinkles confirmed the Tricky mod was canon to madness combat, and madness combat is canon to FNF, the Tricky mod is canon to FNF.

  25. I gave up on hoping about fnf actually making a new update. It’s been 2 years and we’re having a gta moment


  27. If you go to 8:25 and Skip 5 seconds it will sound like he is saying the F Word but you need to be Precise with your Skip cus it would sound like Funkin instead of Fu**ing

  28. Can't wait for the full release and the new characters! I'm so hyped

  29. Sega knows we exist
    Miku could be in the game

  30. i think bambi is mostly character ever in 101% lmao


  31. Imagine if one day the add sonic.exe just to spite the people hating on the thousands of exe mods,that would be funny

  32. If the case with those stalker girls is true i think we have a lower chance of seeing hank in the game because of the person who made the accelerant mod and the tricky mod

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