Aftermath but it's an FNF Corruption Cover -

Aftermath but it’s an FNF Corruption Cover

Red Crewmate
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original song by weednose ()

coding by me
chart by me
backgrounds by dul
cover by me
flp by terra nova studios

bf (scared) by me (arrow faces by nya_yu & head color by theonewhoasked)
bf (happy) by me
bf (sad) by theonewhoasked
bf (holding head) by nya_yu
soul bfs by me (flas by theonewhoasked)
pico by me & tikaz
spooky kids by me (fla by honton)
gf by me (fla by kryptoanims, face by kkiche)
cbf by me

original fnf sprites by the fnf team
original fnf corruption sprites by the fnf corruption team


  1. Just after boyfriend join them and turn big

  2. bf termino asi por culpa de lemon demon(el responsable de la corrupcion) y por cierto me encanta la dedicacion que le distes a este cover y mod 😉 se nota que has dado mucho esfuerzo

  3. can you give the link for dowmload of this mod?

  4. Noooooooo BF don't listen the corruption bro don't lose your friends 😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤

  5. And your GF😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤

  6. whats wrong with the gf vocals when she comes lmao

  7. Can you do a good ending version this please (I hope you see my comment)

  8. Aren’t Pico Quagmire and GF Cleveland in Airborne? Why are Pico Cleveland and GF Quagmire in Aftermath?

  9. honestly soul bf is overrated imo, shouldve been daddy dearest idk idk

  10. boinfren y su fantasma de un
    mod secundari

  11. that style of pico de skid and gf are from the lochino youtuber his style of corruption was copied

  12. Can you make this a 1h song it's my favorite fnf song

  13. Worry😢 why 😭 dont liten boyfriend boyfriend?

  14. Muy buena música bro la voz es muy buena 😮😊el boyfriend estaba sufriendo por la corrupción

  15. Se quiere dejar dormir y se durmió 😮

  16. Epic video, dude, you’ve earned a like, and a subscribe 🙂 keep up the good work!

  17. I'm just saying, it would have been more scary where instead of boyfriend giving up, girlfriend would have tried to pull him in, and Sole BF would have tried to pull him back, like in Crotheon's take on aftermath

  18. Bro bf became titanic godzilla its even bigger than bf

  19. I know this is late but i have a idea "final Rap Battle" Corrupted Whitty Vs Bf And pico

  20. The math is after

    This is great

    May i make a suggestion?
    Could you remaster your paralysis cover

  21. Can you guys write me the lyrics? I would see it in my comments.

  22. Bf:lets roll back to thw start
    Crorupted pico:come on with us and join fun
    Corupted pump and skid:yes thats it
    Soal:no you cant do this to me bf….
    Corupted bf has joined the chat and bf left the chat
    Corupted bf:COME SOAL RIGHT NOW
    soal:no you cnat do this to me no abd never you wont stop me
    Soal:ah no i will never
    Corupted bf:join your old friend
    Corupted bf:YOU WILL JOIN US
    soal:no you wont
    Corupted bf and soal:COME NO JOIN I WILL NEVER
    soal:dont give up soal pls now dont
    Bf:now ita okay
    Pico:hey its us again
    Gf:ifs back to normal

  23. Fun fact: There's an upcoming Darkness Takeover song that'll be Corrupted BF vs Pico.

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