Alpha - Friday Night Funkin' (Original!!) -

Alpha – Friday Night Funkin’ (Original!!)

DJ Jazzy -tastic
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When he said “Bow… Beep Buuu…” I felt that…

Music by: Me! .O.
Art made by: (I have no clue, It was for an old project I’m sorry to the artist)

I hope you all enjoy the song! If you’re interested in more stuff like this please subscribe and comment, I also take commissions in my Fiverr and In my Twitter, so if you’re interested be sure to send me a DM

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  1. I did not expect this to blow up the way it did..Thanks for the support y’all!

  2. God damn, this goes hard! I wanna see this as an fnf mod so baddd

  3. How is nobody talk about the clever idea of adding the FNF beatboxing into the song of Alpha from incredibox?!
    Truly great to listen to as a fan of FNF and Incredibox!
    Did not at all expect to hear that when listening for the first time!
    Great way to combine both games!
    Btw it starts around 1:46

  4. I like the animation! I mean on how smooth it is like a silky butter!! bravo!

  5. actually quite good! hope this turns into an actual mod!

  6. really nice music, (and the animation is really smooth too). We need a fnf vs incredibox mod

  7. Would love to see this as an actual Fnf mod.

  8. are we finally getting a decent incredibox fnf song…

    Also yeah the animation is pretty good, I love that the symbol on the shirt changes

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