Animators VS Games
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Always remember fun facts about Wyoming.

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Malody #1411:
Green’s jam:


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Animators VS Games is
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Alan Becker ►


gameplay fnf music funny

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  1. You created them but kinda no you just downloaded them

  2. 0:50 It's like receiving a gift, but you wanna put atop a marble pillar for all to see because it's so incredible, but at the same time, it would be rude to just not use said gift…

    and a marble pillar would cost an obscene price.

  3. I use both hands also the down one is in settings with controls and then do down scroll that’s the one

  4. tip: dont think of the arrows as derections
    use "dfjk" keybinds

  5. Downscroll is more easy then upscroll Just turn it on in settings

    You can also change keybinds

  6. Alan: this might be a short episode
    Green: Hold my fishing rod

  7. i give my respect to alan for the pain. although im a little more skilled, i have less motivation to finish something as hard.

    Edit: i watched the end and realized that he didnt managed to finish it, but still i wont last as long as him

  8. Do the next 2 songs pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  10. Tbh if you add this mod to Friday night bloxxin I could most likely beat the songs – no offense to Alan kr anything but the fact you can't beat your own stick figures >:0
    Lol idc it was kinda funni

  11. Not something I expected to see from the actual creator neat he's playing the mod

  12. Pro tip:when you always play fnf mods a year ago even the original you would already master the notes no misses only 1 or 2 or 3 whatever….. the actual pro tip:however when you're getting old your fingers are like burning,swollen,crushed by a giant rock,punching a wall way too HARD may broke your fingers,lifting a plane,getting run ever by a bus,train,human,gorilla,a car,getting smashed by a hammer,getting squashed by a big iron press oof,suffering from a shredder,getting splintered,a guy pulling your finger SOOO HARD OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH,your hand getting sliced and diced by chainsaw (ouch) and a buzz saw (oooohhhh that hurts so much) and a circular saw and a guillotine (pls end my suffering),someone stepping in your hand,someone daring (forcing) you to make a GIANT hole by only a SINGLE HAND,a dinosaur squashed your hand,your hand getting eaten by every blood thirsty animal (the one that wants to eat you),getting a paper cut…,your getting swollen because of always using your hands of your never ending jobs or tasks on your whole life like drawing every single of you favorite character in games starts: 0 sec. Ends: never until finished (oof),writing a giant amount of letters just FOR YOUR MAILS,typing basically random things,typing your "BIGGEST COMMENT" on your PC (until it dies),getting electrocuted by a power outlet,non stop playing all coolest fnf MODS EVERTHING YOU CAN FIND,playing a game non stop may swollen your fingers,exploding your own hand,someone chopping your hand by an AXE,someone munching your hand,getting strucked by lightning but instead in your hand,holding the most HEAVIEST object plus sharp (OHHH THE PAIN),accidentally squashed your while moving a couch with your annoying brother,someone throwing so many rocks non-stop,when you're making a 1/one/2/hour/3/hour/9999999999999 hour animation (welp that's another way to lose hope in humanity)

  13. Hey alan how can you not remember the first song it's from your second video (!)😂

  14. Back to the day when he still fight his own Animation.

  15. hey Alan I dare you to 1v1 me in roblox friday night bloxxin'

  16. and also. I can't download friday night bloxxin'

  17. Hi lead charter here (technically because I charted alot of the song for the mod in the next update lmao) thanks for playing the mod! 1! 1! 1!

  18. Hey Alan could do the Nether episode when purple punched the king pls part 2

  19. if they put the second coming song then he will look like the chosen one

  20. "this might be a short episode"
    me:*waiting for 23:00 to end*

  21. Blue: gets one shotted
    Green: extends the video and breaks his creator's fingers
    TDL and TCO: still waiting

  22. 帯電音ブロックにするシーンがあったことに制作者のこだわりを感じました

  23. Feyyyyyyyyyyykkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Voch 123 made episode 29 with lyrics for the first half pls react.

  25. Alan why did you keep your mouth open when green plays guitar

  26. DJ : green u can't be ur creator
    Green just destroyed him:what did u say that can't destroyed him u right didn't destroy I annihilated him.

  27. Now lets wait for an upcoming episode called "Animations vs Friday Night Funkin"

  28. Can you please play other games like Fortnite Fortnite Minecraft Roblox free fire PUBG love your games for my miles did you

  29. hey avg, love your videos!!!!!! and i wanted to tell you that in the end of green, you type in the words that are all capital. i'm looking forward to part 2!

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