Battle ALL The Sans! | Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross Week 2 (FNF Mod) -

Battle ALL The Sans! | Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross Week 2 (FNF Mod)

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Loyal theorists… the time has come for me to go head to head with one of the most important characters in GT History… Sans. We’re going back into Friday Night Funkin’s Indie Cross mod! Will I be able to complete both the genocide and pacifist runs? Only one way to find out…

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0:00 – The Sustainable Banter
09:22 – ayo ness CHILL😫
42:41 – The Witty Wrap up

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  1. Packing Peanuts: use them to isolate your walls.

  2. Nothing like tending to my crops and cute sheep with some Stardew Valley as I listen to Sans banging beats and Mattpatt slowly loosing his patience 👍

  3. A lot of packing peanuts now are biodegradable, so usually I dump them outside and hose them down (after testing one in the sink to make sure they actually ARE biodegradable, obvs), if they're not then yeah, just dump them into a trash bag unfortunately

  4. An easy way to get rid of packing peanuts it’s to dump them in acetone it dissolves them if they’re not water soluble

  5. I love how mat pat forgot about all the secret songs like the devils lol

  6. You can turn the mechanics off in the options menu- under 'gameplay'
    you were so close lol

  7. Yo mat theres botplay do if you want to watch the song you can watch a bot play it

  8. Right at the end, when Sans said "Wait. Something's not right", my PC shut off because it ran out of battery, just before Sans would give up his next line. I don't think I could have asked for better timing.

  9. 12:23 what’s so funny is that I made a mod based off of Flowey.

  10. Ash: I do crime"

    also Ash: "Sometimes arson is ok"

  11. Packing peanuts r mostly sugar I did a science experience they don’t burn bc there part sugar part water part chemicals

  12. Burn the packing peanuts and the box together, LET THEM BURN

  13. Aren't packing peanuts just re-shaped Styrofoam? And doesn't Styrofoam melt when in contact with acetone? Maybe that's less "ozone-layer-damaging" than burning the packing peanuts.

  14. For the peanuts, you can contact your recycling center and see if they have a place that will accept tough to recycle products

  15. You can reuse them. Also, packing peanuts are made out of cornstarch.

  16. Hey matpat, new baby in yellow update which give me the chills, i feel like there’s a theory behind it.
    What do you say??

  17. If they're cornstarch packing peanut you can eat them

  18. psst.. since this is a cross-over game let me share something… dhmis' Wakey Wakey is gone but Fly is here and new, you should check it out real quick

  19. I have a game that i found its called "The exhibit of sorrows" its a short yet scary game its really cool

  20. Just fold the flaps of the box and set it out with the trash

  21. For the packing peanuts my first thought is how flammable are packing peanuts.

  22. He must change keybinds to something more comfortable

  23. Download the newest version of indie cross they fixed the hit box’s for the faster blasters

  24. "battle ALL the sans" laugh Undertale AU fans,Laugh 🙂

  25. i was suprised that there is no bone notes in the first until i saw that he plays on normal

  26. You should never burn garbage. Garbage should only be burnt in special made facilities that make sure the toxic fumes aren't being released into the air.

  27. Don't burn it, melt it… desolve it!!! TKOR has a video about a liquid that basically eats foam!!!

  28. You could try playing with 2 hands.
    I would recommend d-Left f-Down j-Up k-Right

  29. Hey Matpat can you solver the mistery on Billy le robot?he have lore. plsss🙁🙁🙁

  30. There’s a new Mandela catalouge react to it

  31. if you think these are hard, then just wait till you try the nightmare songs

  32. When would you make a theory about what is happening in franbow i am waiting for one for like 6 years when you played the game you said you are going to do one

  33. "Sometimes arson is ok"- Ash (this is gonna be used out of context a lot lol)

  34. MatPat: You a fan of Sans?
    Me: You mean Ness?
    MatPat: But of course!

  35. i suggest you dive into the lore of hotline 024, it'll interest you i promise 🙂

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