BLUE vs JUMBO JOSH 🎶 (FNF Playtime but it's Rainbow Friends VS Garten of Banban Cover) -

BLUE vs JUMBO JOSH 🎶 (FNF Playtime but it’s Rainbow Friends VS Garten of Banban Cover)

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In this Friday Night Funkin video you’ll see Playtime Remix but Blue and Jumbo Josh sing it.

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Mods used:
After Rainbow Friends –
Vs Huggy Wuggy –
Garten of Banban Sprites by @heartdiegold
Jumbo Josh chromatic scale by @Sharv

Original song by @KJElliottIsCool remix by @awe9037 –
This mod is based on a Roblox Horror game, similar to Poppy Playtime.

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Not FNF Playtime But Everyone Sings It, Playtime But Different Characters Sing It, or any other music video like that.
This is my Playtime but it’s a Rainbow Friends VS Garten of Banban cover.

These covers were made with FL Studio.

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #RainbowFriends #GartenOfBanban


  1. Really gon' start milking another shitty ass game huh?

  2. the Copycat of the Copycat vs The Copycat

  3. Can u make a heartbeat BETADCIU on February 14th

  4. Is is officially the downfall of neonight,for our funeral we’re gonna look at the old times

  5. Bro nobody like this stupid poppy playtime crap, the game are used to bully someone ya know

  6. Can you put please isotope vs glitchy red from hypno lullaby v2.

  7. Looks like he's gonna keep milking rainbow friends then.. I miss the old neonight

  8. red mist calamardo bootleg bob esponja says:

    Que hermoso diseño el de jumbo josh y Su vos
    alfin ay un mod de garten of ban ban
    La cancion es perfecta con jumbo josh espero ver a opila bird en otro video cover o mod

  9. Try with freddy fazbear from five nitghs at freddy's but freddy is in 2d.

  10. it's good.. but…. we just can't keep allowing these…. Characters from poorly made horror games.

  11. Shut up everyone his YouTube channel is the worst and you cannot make a video about blue and jumbo Josh

  12. What the fuck is this shit, and why is the comment section bots?

  13. This was pretty great! Josh sounds fantastic not gonna lie.

  14. la voz de jumbo josh parece la voz de mario pero igual es god

  15. WOW, este cover fue una verdadera batalla legendaria entre los dos mejores jefes de juegos en un mod de FNF, te quedó genial 😎

  16. Why the fu-
    Voices and sprites are really cool tho.

  17. Amazing cover!! Jumbo Josh's sprites look amazing!

  18. I think you should make a screwedathon cover because I think It could save your channel!!!

  19. En resumen el icono del weon verde que no me acuerdo el nombre xd cuando va perdiendo parece que se regala hacia blue xd

  20. i beg of you bro PLEASE STOP youre better this

  21. Ok I got to say that this is legit pretty good my dude like dang and the sprites for Jumbo josh are actually well made for sure.

  22. Man this is a fantastic cover, JJ’s voice and sprites are so good here and keep it up neo as per usual!

  23. i can hear the bf fnf chromatic scale

  24. Me encanto que finalmente alguien le dió unos buenos Sprites (. Buen trabajo Neo 👍

  25. hi just wanted to say happy birthday to you, hope you have an amazing day/night, and great cover as always 🙂

  26. Dude come on, Im here since your Triple Trouble cover and enjoyed your content a lot. You were the best content creator of BETADCIU songs but you clearly downgraded since then. First using your covers on Spotify to make money over others' songs and now milking shitty horror games content because views from kids. Idk bout u but for me I feel like your passion for money went ahead from your passion for FNF and it's just sad at this point. You're getting cringe and participate in the problem of children in the not kids friendly community.

    Sad to see from someone as talented as you.

  27. Jumbo Josh should've sound deep like a monster, ik sharv made the chromatic scale, so that's probably his voice

  28. Next BETADCIU: Blackened but everyone sings it
    Question for Neonight: Pretend if Neonight in this cover, what's your talent is gonna be?
    Neonight: The Ultimate …

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