Boogieman WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin' Twinsomnia Cover -

Boogieman WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’ Twinsomnia Cover

Juno Songs
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The Lemon Monster’s here to sour the party for young Boyfriend–but Boy and Girl, the coolest astral babysitters from the beginning of time, ain’t havin’ none of that!

Monster: RecD (, )
Boy: Juno
Girl: Caaaarl (, )

Lyrics: sock.clip ()
Additional Lyrics: Juno
Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Original Composition: sock.clip

FNF Twinsomnia development team:
Sock.clip – Mod Director, Main Artist, Musician, Lyricist, Animator, and creator of Boy and Girl
Nate Anim8 – Co-Director, Chart Revisionist and Sound Editor:

Stank_Fielld – Main Charter and Credits Artist:

El Senor Beast – Main Programmer:

bbpanzu – Additional Programmer and Cameraman:

Sarveproductions – Voice Actor:

8-bit Nostalgia – Playtester:

Download the original mod here:

Play Friday Night Funkin’ by ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade:


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  1. Breaking news:axolotl and some random ass girl kill a big lemon

  2. My theory is they're yokais bug after years of scaring people one child showed them love even when they're terrifying but they fied so they decided to protect kids from monsters

  3. Replace this with (was it the boogie man) tiktok song

  4. My favorite part is when he says"there is nothing wrong with a bit of traumatizing"

  5. When I watched this I wanted to hate it but it's fucking great.

  6. I have an opinion on the cover: keep the rhythm. There are a few words that make sentence sense, but not in-song text. They break the rhythm, which makes it painful ro listen to. You could'we looked for better options, but it's ok.

  7. "oh. Ok." Ya lemon juice there is always someone stronger. A good rule of thumb i follow is if they are not effected by what you output dollar to donuts they are your equal or stronger. "Should he come for you then?" Sure i like a good lemon sorbet. "Ya but he." Is a demon. and im undead with pretty much any book of the occult there is. What flesh will he peal off. Worst case we are a minor annoyance to each other.

  8. Holy… I Stopped Playing Anything FNF Related After This Mod then I Came Back to Play Seeks Cool Deltarune (Still Wanting [HYPERLINK] lyrics), then I see this. It's catchy and all But FNF mods Kinda got the Sonic .Exe Treatment and Became Repetitive

  9. I like how girl has a harmonic layer recorded just like the mod.

  10. The big guy mad at lemon monster and he's there's ni boogienan? everyone screem

  11. I'm not stuck down here with you. YOU'RE STUCK DOWN HERE WITH ME.

  12. “There’s nothing wrong with abit of traumatizing~” bro I love that line

  13. I love how lemon demon said oh ok..

  14. Boy after this in the morning: Slams open the door to breakfast lol funni metal sound plays

  15. I know of the Lemonmonster but who's Boy and Girl?

  16. switch the video speed to 1.25x
    you won't regret it

  17. Am I the only one who thinks that the song is so good?

    (I watch it a MILLION times)

  18. i couldt even tell that its a different voice for Lemon Demon until i saw the credits

  19. -Two…
    -GO (turns into a monsters)
    – oh ok

  20. ᴇᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟʙᴜᴅᴅɪᴇs( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) says:

    Boy's voice I can't- 😂

  21. The line of fact and fictions blurring
    To the point that you cant even tell
    What is real?
    What is false?
    What is anything at all?
    My favorite kind of living hell!

  22. Ok thanks Juno Songs for the lyrics cuz at the end without the lyrics I was very confused about what they are doing

  23. Girl: angwee momee
    Boy: pissed f***ing dad
    lemon demon: idk bruh

  24. It sounds like Boy and Girl somehow knew Lemon Demon before the events of becoming boyfriend's babysitter's.

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