Bopeebo but every turn a different character sings it - Friday Night Funkin' Cover -

Bopeebo but every turn a different character sings it – Friday Night Funkin’ Cover

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Hi i’m back
took me 12 hours to finish this one
I should have posted this cover a few days earlier on FNF’s 2nd anniversary but eh, whatever.
sorry for the low cover effort, I’m actually still working on a lot of unfinished project on my working list apparently so. just wait for it i guess.. i really lack of motivation to work on nowadays, I’m really sorry for the inactivity. Just hoping i still could make more kind of stuff like this in the future.
Anyways, hope you guys enjoy my stuff 😀
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I would really appreciate it 🙂

Mod link:
Cover by me
Psych Engine:
2VPLUS Senpai Sprites:
Miku Mod:
Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses: Privated
Carol mod :
Fun Sized Whitty Mod:
V.S. Whitty Full Week (LEGACY):
V.S. Whitty – Definitive Edition:
Kepler Observation Unit [WEEK 2 UPDATE]):
Ski Sings for You! (ski mod):
Vs. Dave and Bambi :
Rapper Kaity:
Playable Nene :
Friday Night Shootin’ |Alucard Week(Pico’s School) : privated
Vs Aflac mod :
Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [EDD & UBERKIDS] :
Vs MX :
Vs. Mario FNF Port DEMO:
Friday Night Funkin’: Doki Doki Takeover! :
Unlabeled Anime Mod :
Mod creators are listed in the mod page

Voice bank:
Credit to GenoX, Kawai Sprite and Blantados
UTAU Voice Bank:
Blantados Voice Bank:
I make some of the voice banks myself, I using audacity to crop and export the characters vocals from the song voices file-
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All of the gameplay in this channel are 100% played by myself (recording and editing)

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  1. I didn’t know daddy dearest was thick like that

  2. Good songs will never die and nostalgia will always be in the best moments.

  3. Did yall see daddy dearest and his thiccness?

  4. I like it how everyone does the pose 🥺❤️

  5. Coolio I like that B.E.T.A.D.C.I.U

  6. This was extremely incredible amazing job with the cover I absolutely freaking love it keep doing of what your doing and keep on making great content.👍❤️👍

  7. Finally the most banger song in the entire world Finally get a betadciu

  8. Man it's been a while since I heard this song, definitely worth it and i heckin loved the poses XD

  9. Ah… The perfect anniversary celebration… The very first song of fnf… I've always loved this one. Happy late anniversary FNF!

  10. Super great cover! Wait daddy pulled the Omni-man-

  11. Good job bro, haven’t heard this in a while!

  12. 2 months of wait for a 1minute and 26 seconds cover with memes, definitely worth it

  13. tbh, you're pushing your luck with adding the MFM characters here…like, REALLY pushing your luck, but it's nice to see a BETADCIU of a vanilla game song!

  14. oh yeah an upload. tottaly hasnt been 2 months since trio uploaded

  15. This was pretty cool! That jumpscare daddy dearest had though…

  16. The legend has finally returned!! Great cover as always

  17. i realize that there's reverb lol
    nostalgia trip 😀

  18. 𝘗𝘰𝘱𝘱𝘺𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘥♡ says:

    Finally after all these days Trio made a nostalgic cover. Why watch the insufferable controversy in the FNF Community when you can watch this amazing cover

  19. It’s good to return to the classics sometimes

  20. Literally the first song in fnf besides the tutorial

  21. Been a while. Wasn’t expecting a cover of a base game song, but it’s great for the anniversary of fnf.

  22. Bopeebo but everyone ROCKS!

    Daddy dearest: Rock! Go, go!
    Boyfriend: Funk! Go, go!

    Girlfriend: Three, two, three!
    Skid n Pump: Spooky month!

    Senpai: Here comes Tankman!
    Tankman: I look at her… Ugh!
    Senpai: Yeah!

    Mommy mearest: We own the floor!
    Hatsune Miku: We own the stage! Yeah

    Taki: Meet the God!
    Sarvente: Come to church

    Tea: Bopeebo!
    Cesar: Bepoobee!

    Carol: You look cute!
    Fun Sized Whitty: Don't call me… Cute

    Ruv: Ground shaking, i sing!
    Selever: Ground shaking, i sing!

    KOU: Look at star!
    Kapi: Cats don't say… NYAW!

    Sans: Hey, there! Don't make me, laugh!
    Dave (Aflac): Hey, You! Don't make me pull: 🖕

    Sky: Boyfriend mine!
    Ski: Play trumpet!

    Dave: Ooooh!
    Kaity: Ahhhhhhhh! YEAH

    Casandra: Ugly bitch!
    Nene: Ugly bitch! CUTE

    Eduardo: Well well well, Loser!
    Edd: Edardo, leave us! Wanna cola?

    MX: Let's play some UNO!
    Lord X: I don't like UNO! HA!

    Monika: Welcome to, the club!
    Nagataro: Gambare, Senpai! Ora!

    Message for TrioDevanata: You're back! After so long! And you still using this AWESOME Songs! So that's why i decide to make this lyrics, you really did great job! This is for you.
    Gice a like to this comments if you enjoy reading this Lyrics: 👍

  23. Best song ever I'll give it a 10 out of 10 😘😊❤️ can you do uh you'll make the change by Steven universe future pibby like everyone sings please 🥺❤️

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