boyfriend ghost sonic exe vs sonic and mickey mouse-smile ( friday night funkin ) season 2 episode 4 -

boyfriend ghost sonic exe vs sonic and mickey mouse-smile ( friday night funkin ) season 2 episode 4

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Hi guys!!! I hope you like the video! Sorry this video is too short, it’s because it takes a lot of work and effort, and if you don’t understand the story, I’ll ask you to go back to the last episode I recorded

Oi, pessoal!!! Espero que goste do video! Desculpe, este vídeo é muito curto, é porque dá muito trabalho e esforço, e se você não entender a história, peço que volte para o último episódio que gravei


  1. シ︎𝐞𝐂𝐫𝛊𝐧-𝐪𝐰☁︎ says:

    Sed mickeye not monster all because of the long mouse face

  2. конечно анимация классная, даже очень, но я не поняла совсем смысл, хотя знаб перевод:_)

  3. I like and this is my favourite moster thanks 😊 ☺ 💕 ❤

  4. Sonic ghost and boyfriend ghost and mikey:exe and sonic:exe all song is good……good luck…

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  7. Nice bro you are really pro and hacker

  8. You are fantastic you tuber nice good job and nicely

  9. I see Nanny five times in one day episodes and I think that is causing the I think he's causing a pibby

  10. 😄😃😀😊☺😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😝😛😳😁😔

  11. (может познакомимся?) says:

    Здорово Рендоу очень интересно. Но классно (о себе) хочу в 3D

  12. hdd jd june of these things about your email and then there may need more details to this

  13. Vim do futuro pra dizer que isso tá incrivel

  14. I could ask a poll … how do you draw so beautifully, I get cokiet squiggles

  15. Димвжыожыщоаижыозытзвожочлтчзфоатзхфивтчищыи

  16. ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚧ no hacer nada aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. If you had a brother you unpause it at the same time it would be cool

  18. Smile Mickey e Sonic vezes Sonic.exe e Boyfriend é mesmo incrível 👍👍

  19. Eu espero que você fique com um bilhão de inscritos porque seus vídeos são muito bons top 100000000000000

  20. I like the way it was not mickey vs sonic. Exe its bf and sonic with them now it became a 2v2👏

  21. The part where Micky grabbed Sonic exe's spikes had me laughing 😂

  22. No sabía por qué Sonic tenía una jeringa para bebés y luego tenía cosas blancas en toda la boca.

  23. Śmílé Míćkéÿ ghóśt śóńíć bóÿfríéñd ghóśt śóńíć éxè

  24. Então, quando Sonic Boom. exe foi transformado em bebê por Majin Sonic, normal Sonic Boom morreu por não suportar a dose da seringa? buuuuaaaa coitadinho

    ¿Entonces cuando Sonic Boom. exe fue convertido en bebe por Majin Sonic, Sonic Boom normal murio por no soportar la dosis del jeringazo? buuuuaaaa, pobrecito

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