BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND: A LOVE STORY... Friday Night Funkin' Movie | Cartoon Animation -

BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND: A LOVE STORY… Friday Night Funkin’ Movie | Cartoon Animation

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Find out just how Boyfriend and Girlfriend came to fall in love, what troubles their relationship has had, and whether or not Girlfriend’s Demon form is a Deal Breaker in our first Friday Night Funkin’ MOVIE!

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Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Vs. Carol Mod:
Creator / Modder / Composer: bbpanzu

Corruption Mod.:
Creator: Phantom Fear

Composers “Deathmatch”: Saruky / DatDavi

unHoly Matrimony (vs. Demon GF) Mod:
Artist, Animator, Story: elikapika
Main Programmer: disky
Assistant Programmer: Cval
Video Code: GWebDev
Charter: SandPlanet
Main Composer: nondox_freeze
Lyrics: HumIsDum
Assistant Musicians: MegaBlade / Hamm / Biddle3
Main Script Writer: elikapika
Editors: Shin / HumIsDum / Tama
Voice Actors:
Ariana (Girlfriend) / Dave (Boyfriend) / Scrumpy (Daddy Dearest)

Created by ElikaPika:

Bubsy music composed by MrUprise

Whitty Mod:
Artist and Composer: Sock.clip

Programmer: Kade

Smoke Em’ Out Struggle Mod:
Art / Music / Coding: atsuover
Voice Samples / Coding: Rageminer

Vs. Hatsune Miku Mod:

Art / Music / Concepts: evdial
Coding / Music / Charts: GenoX

Mod Creators for The Date with Carol & Whitty below
The Date FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Programmer, Main Artist and Musician by bbpanzu:

Mod Creators for VS Big Sister below
VS Big Sister FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Art by Kaechii:

Programming and animation HOTMINUTE Studios:

Music by Smecko Geck:

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod:

Artwork / Animation: Dokki.doodlez
Music / Charting: Mike Geno

Programming / Charting / Animation: kuroao_anomal

Vs. Monika Mod:

Remix Artist (High School Conflict + Your Demise): CelShader
Remix Artist (Bara no Yume): Kallionic
Additional Music Help: Galactigal / Retro Gaming
Coding Help: ash237 / Lumitic / Zeexel
Vocals / Charting for Bonus song: Blantados
Bara no Yume Charting: Cval
Creator of Doki Doki Literature Club: Dan Salvato
Mod Thumbnail: foomf
Mod Video: J8khero
Vocal Remasters: Matt$

Sans Mod:
Download Link : …
Creator: Draco

Artist : Samuel Wolfang

Vs. Impostor Mod:

Programmers: Clowfoe / Fabs_
Artist: SuperInky
Background Artist: Pietro_Ultra
Composers: Adam McHummus / Phoenix
Artists: Postman / SquidBoi84 / Fabs_
Supervisor: BlackJoystick
Menu BG Artist: Julien
Contributers: KadeDeveloper
Logo Design: Farfoxx

Anders Mod:
Download Link:
Artist / Music Producer / Coder: typic

Translator: AdrianSoto200

Vs. Hex Mod:

Artist and Composer: YingYang48

Programmer: KadeDev

Background Artist: DjCat

Playable Senpai Mod:

Spriter / Editor: SaltyPiez

Smoke Em’ Out Struggle Mod:

Art / Music / Coding: atsuover
Voice Samples / Coding: Rageminer

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  1. fnf👾😈 Good😃 fnf👾😈 fnf😄Good😆

  2. They need to make one last fnf episode where they get married

  3. I watched it first one second then fell asleep the whole video-

  4. I like how player calls sky a abomination in the boyfriend has a fan club part in the video

  5. The dating video had me like: what has fnf turned into 1:09 was like so funny😂

  6. 50:48 Friday Night Funkin' The Movie Ending with a Kiss.

  7. pwlwlalslspwlaodlslx,x,x,s
    love you all msla
    your mother

  8. Player be like: anime drama in…A MIRROR!

  9. Now come on player we have the whole fn- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  10. Bro you can just respond it's friday night funkin


  11. what about the poppy playtime fnf mod in gametoons

  12. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????•??????????????????????????????????????????

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