Boyfriend vs Cuphead... and Sans... and BENDY?! | Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross (FNF Mod) -

Boyfriend vs Cuphead… and Sans… and BENDY?! | Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross (FNF Mod)

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Hey guys! On today’s episode, we are diving in with Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross! My first opponents? Cuphead and Sans! Will I be able to take both of them down? Only one way to find out… 😉

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0:00 – The Solo Banter
04:34 – when he said “beep” i felt that
45:38 – The Wrap up

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  1. Ahh so you could close sticky key shortcut, thx mat. So many random things u could learn from gtlive

  2. i want to see another fnf mod game theory, maybe not indie cross, but yeah if you find a mod with hidden lore, it'd be cool

  3. I got click baited )’: I thought there was bendy

  4. dude i am like 13 and defeat all of them in hard mode first try and you cant even see the sans doge move then be like :there is noting. are you blind?

  5. It would be interesting if he did some Happy Tree Frends mods, like the Flakey mod or Happy tree Funkers.

  6. Brilliant mod. They not only made it feel like Cuphead combat, they made it fittingly tough too.

  7. It's too bad the creator of FNF has made several racist tweets and is friends with a number of internet artists who draw underage characters sexually.

  8. In the sans level you need to dodge by pressing space, please play more

  9. Also Matpat look at the right of the screen it’ll say what you will need to do to “survive”

  10. This came out a few months ago but thanks for reminding us about the mod

  11. The music was echoing cause of the audio playing in both the recording and his live feed
    also when he said “beep” I felt that

  12. I love how he don't realize be needa to dodge

  13. Pro tip for future don't attack sans cuz third Song will probably be to hard for you if you attack him

  14. no one is paying attion to the new cuphaed and its allomst out

  15. Is it just me or did I see this same video yesterday with a completely different thumbnail. I thought that it was just a thumbnail where it was just BF and Cuphead and now it's different.

  16. Let’s go Matt!!!! You can do it! Let’s see you finish this mod!!!!

  17. pretty sure you dont NEED the parry note, you just need the card and you get that from hitting notes and you get it instantly from parry notes

  18. I bet ash and mirror mat were working on the please stop video, which is why they weren't here.

  19. Your need to dodge the bones which is space bar

  20. Dang Blueballs incident has really been forgotten

  21. Game is awesome Play again you got a chance

  22. Hey, maybe try different keybinds, something like df jk, some people find it easier and it helps having your inputs in a line. Besides that, thanks for the video!

  23. every youtuber falls for the green blue note trick

  24. sigh matpat I think you should learn a lot of things in Fnf Indie Cross huh

  25. its funny that when he talks he kept turning toward mirror mat and ash but sadly they weren't their

  26. Super cool. I love the fnf game mechanics. Was alittle bummed this wasn’t a continuation of Edith finch. But you looked like you were having a blast and that’s always good

  27. Ash and MatPat was once talking about having a different channel for MatPat to be unhinged, and the question was if GTLive already was this or not. I think this video proved that within two minutes.

  28. Note to Everyone: Make sure to look at all the corners of the screen before the song begins! Also thank MatPat for bringing back FNF!

  29. Well, indie cross options menu sucks. Like, why "mechanics: on/off" isn't in gameplay section? And why no fullscreen

  30. Hey matpat I think there is some lore going on in some of the wack your games can you play them to see if it’s just me

  31. I feel like in week one the last song the green bullets I think your suppose to dodge them

  32. You are supposed to dodge at the start in week 2 whenever you hear that sound or red box around boyfriend you have to dodge

  33. The dlc for cup head is coming out either the 30th of June or july

  34. Matpat do a banter segment like this but with ash atleast

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