boyfriend vs indie cross nightmare | mod friday night funkin animation | continuation | part 43 -

boyfriend vs indie cross nightmare | mod friday night funkin animation | continuation | part 43

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girlfriend is pregnant and got into a mess with boyfriend, andy managed to control half his body for a short time to save and warn the boyfriend what will happen, in a short time andy becomes his last form, for while they fight for his life against the nightmares
[31/7 20:11] Bibizinha: 🇧🇷
namorada está grávida e se meteu em confusão com o namorado, andy conseguiu controlar metade de seu corpo por pouco tempo para salvar e avisar o namorado o que vai acontecer, em pouco tempo andy se torna sua última forma, pois enquanto eles lutam por sua vida contra os pesadelos


  1. Rather say Andy oh grow big like siren head lol

  2. Bro this is just amazing 1000/1000 never give up on this art of yours

  3. Minha música preferida é a BAD TIME se vc comcordao like

  4. Like para más videos como este

  5. Genial e increíble como sigue antes nunca nos dejas de sorprender like si crees q ella es la mejor

  6. Épico el ketelin increíble 😀 😀 😀 los indie cross nightmare vs boyfriend

  7. Adorei sou teu fá olho todos os dias você pode me dizer que horas sai o vídeo

  8. Ay no te lo puedo creer ay no te la pague por usar mis días señora por favor gracias a Dios muchísimas gracias


  10. Wow now we know shto endi demon😐Not an apple

  11. Бэф. Беременная

  12. zard The darkness (team spin dash)(team chaos) says:

    Num episódio pode ter o hog e o fatal error?

  13. Sans and cuphead The way they got captured unbelievable

  14. Sky has returned. Seems like Girlfriend owes her now.

  15. I don't know why, but the Bendy voice in this song sound like the voice of a Sonic.exe mod characther, probably for the Needlemouse teaser when the song of that teaser start to play, but i really think i heard that voice in other characther

  16. Pra mim a sky que apareceu ou era a original ou era a nusky

  17. Just continue to do the video ,
    Can you be more fast? Please 🙂

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