BOYFRIEND vs MONIKA!? Friday Night Funkin' and Doki Doki - Animation -

BOYFRIEND vs MONIKA!? Friday Night Funkin’ and Doki Doki – Animation

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Fazbear and Friends is an animated series based on the main cast of “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. The show follows the wacky misadventures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and their many friends as they get themselves into trouble while trying to manage their pizzeria.

In our last Squid Game video, Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Baldi’s Basics, Bendy and the Ink Machine, FNAF Foxy, Among Us, Alex and Steve, are forced to play in a deadly game of red light green light in Squid Game. Who will win the money prize? Or will the Squid Game doll kill them all? Watch the last video to see what happens!

A new music video like Don’t Come Crying is on it’s way! GET EXCITED! The FNAF Song may be about Purple Girl who knows.

More songs like Build Our Machine Bendy and the Ink Machine Music Video and Among Us Lyin’ To Me are coming your way! Aphmau fans might enjoy this video! ZAMination and EnchantedMob will make funny videos like always.

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Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.


  1. Man I rember in ddlc they had a gun to kill someone. And knifes

  2. Monika is better I used to sing the song Doki Doki a lot but now I forgot.

  3. ソニックゲーマー (Sonnikku GAMER) says:

    I've seen everything that has happened, everything that could happen and everything that will happen, and yet. What the hell is this:

  4. They missed the opportunity to use the Doom Music

    Also what cover of Ugh did they use

  5. I luaghed so hard i died by soul by soul when bendy said foxy was boris

  6. the glass should shatter if i drop fire bars at a high frequency

  7. among us among us a-a-a among us among us among us A M O N G U S

  8. "run to the moon and let me play among us-" foxy proceeds to jumpscare you

  9. Cute you're cute boyfriend I can't stop looking at you cuz of your cute face cuz when you can

  10. Make the DDLC characters join your Squid Game animations, please!

  11. F.N.F vs. Doki the game
    A f.n.f game is a video game news
    A doki game in others

  12. 4:22 yo Yuri is crazy as always
    And she's always obsessed too
    She's giving me want to love her even more
    No wonder she's my favorite

  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Girls cry😭 like a baby that’s why I hate Monika

  15. Aw hell nah this exists 💀

  16. Why is girls fight with boyfriend this small boy????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Monika IS not cool shes just only like Freddy and a boy

  18. Did…. Did the first part get copyrighted? I feel like it did. Theirs no sound effects

  19. Fly me to the moon and let me play Among us

  20. Why is every video just a compilation of the same videos

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