Can I play games on your phone? (FNF ANIMATION) -

Can I play games on your phone? (FNF ANIMATION)

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sonic all stars racing transformed is a fun game lol
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  1. Wow! AMAZING work Kyano!! You really do inspire me to start animating myself in the future. I love all of your videos! I wish I knew how to animate FNF but I don't really know how to. Any tips on how to start and what program to use? 🤍

  2. Kyano hola.como estas hermano me encanto tu animacion de boyfriend y girlfriend son geniales 😊😊 y son adorables😊😊😊😊

  3. Yo poniendo "*" para que los caracteres en caracter.ia respondan a mi gusto (necesito terapida)

  4. I thought he was gonna check her search history XD

  5. GF literally having the sonic game makes this even for wholesome❤️🩵

  6. Me when i saw the sonic game : Ah yes


  7. Me wanting to play games on my moms phone when I was younger

  8. I just understood Tabi's words: She is using you…

  9. Me just playing on my gf’s phone 🙂 hope i don’t throw it of a building

  10. Awww, adorable!! (Sorry for the wrong comment)

  11. Ngl I want to voice bf but that’s not happening

  12. That is soooooooo sweet of gf 😊😊😊😊 that is sooooo nice of you gf😊😊😊😊

  13. I feel like even when bf plays games, gf never lets him go bec she loves him❤❤

  14. Do more video you the best animation of FNF

  15. Bf always play games but i remember this game ❤

  16. I genuinely dont know if fnf is still relevant these days..

    I think it isnt.

  17. LOL I’M A DAVE AND BAMBI FAN!!!!!!!! says:

    BF and GF are cute together ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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