Can You Survive Friday Night Funkin? -

Can You Survive Friday Night Funkin?

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The Recreyo crew rap for the girl of their dreams


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  1. 0:21 first thing I think after they say this recreyo can you survive splatoon =)

  2. I'm not sure if this is a good story suggestion but what if the next story would be the quest for the legendary platform of life that is inside a hidden cave in the jungle full of traps where they will have a backpack that gives them 3 objects that can help them but if they choose the wrong object, they will lose a life, they will see statues that are their checkpoints, they will have 9 lives and there are 11 traps (you decide the traps and the objects too) but you will also meet a corrupt treasure hunter who will try to take away what you want to find (spoiler they will use the life of the corrupted treasure hunter as a sacrifice) their mission is to reach peresta years of life thanks to a map that conveniently appears out of nowhere and they use it to revive Buff Barbie (this is for you Cristian)

  3. Ok I kinda have an idea they could do. Can you survive the disastrous life of saiki k? They basically have to use of set of saiki's powers to like solve a problem. Yes it's simple and overdone but with recreyo I'm pretty sure they would be able to make it hilarious especially with saiki's wide range of powers.


  5. I don't care what nobody say I would give my life my heart my soul everything to be living my the rest of my life of my days of existences in Friday night funkin universe with boyfriend and girlfriend and going through all the FNF mods created in the existence of the f&f universes I will go to all of them with boyfriend and girlfriend to see them fight to see them rap battle and here they're singing voices and vocals

  6. Guys hear me out.
    Can they survive monster prom.

  7. you should do the mom that whole song is Awesome

  8. Mr Beast talking about Girlfriend from FNF:

    Chandler: I would put work before Girlfriend. I'd put a lot before her.

    Chris: (Laughing) You would put a sandwich before her!

  9. •ŁỮŇΔs Mochi• : •Loves You!• says:

    Part 2 with mother when ?? 🤨

  10. Recreation seriously needs to do can you survive doki doki literature club that would be great

  11. Ivan I think f this would have been much better if you made the beatboxing noises I’m just saying

  12. Im tired of everything including fnf in videos that game in my opinion was good untill the middle of 2021 and most of the songs I heard were absolute sh@t

  13. Ok after the splatoon reference you guys have to do a can you survive splatoon

  14. I think its funny that Ivan was the only one doing the add

  15. i clicked on this faster than my mom whipping me for breaking her oven trying to cook a pizza bite

  16. I’m surprised no one said Friday Night F*ckin 🤣

  17. Please tell me you’ll make a sequel!!

  18. I really like this new animator I'm not sure if they've done other episodes before but they were superb

  19. "And are greeted by her father." As represented by….. Father.

  20. I would love if they make a "Could you survive Space Channel 5" instead of remember their tune, they have to remember arrows pattern and 2 new moves Chu and Hey

  21. This is making me wish their was a Vs Recreyo mod for FNF

  22. Friday night funkin OST:
    Round 1: No idea 😅
    Round 2-4: Bopeebo
    Round 4: Fresh
    Round 5: Dad battle

  23. I first watched them
    Then forgotten
    And them

  24. as far as i'm concerned, the game "day after therhsdee evening funkin" doesn't exist because i'm not interested but this is gonna be a contender for funniest episode

  25. Ah, and I miss chilly so. But awesome video!

  26. This episode by far had me in tears, you guys and the animators really made one of the best episodes ever

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