Challeng-EDD but everytime it's the Opponent's turn the mod changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Challeng-EDD but everytime it’s the Opponent’s turn the mod changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Challeng-EDD but everytime it’s the Opponent’s turn the mod changes

Mario and Wario Sing Challeng-EDD (by “Crappy Productions”: (Cover by ”
QuickestFire” )
Toy Freddy Sings Challeng-EDD (by “Pouria SFMs”):
Challeng-EXE (by “Davidgreen123”): (Cover Improved by me)
Challeng-EDD FLP:

Mods Used:
Challeng-Edd (Psych Engine Port):
Vs Impostor (Black Betrayal):
Challeng-EDD Minus:
Challeng-EDD MattWorld Edd-ition:
Sky Remanifested:

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  1. Among us Edd mArio sky Freddy Matt pico minus sonic exe Among us sky Matt Mario minus Freddy smacks bonnie

  2. The fact that Lord X actually says “ Well Well Well.. “ is kind of nostalgic.

  3. This is a useless comment, do what you want with it

  4. This Is Lovely!! Keep Up The Amazing Work!!
    Every Part Was My Favorite, They All Just Go Perfectly Together!! :O
    Best Challenge-Edd Cover!!

  5. 弒神の遊戲實況YT(Killing god のgame live ) says:

    That's was amazing

  6. Wow! THIS IS AMAZING!!! Best Cover Ever!!!

  7. There's just something about Lord X in Eduardo's role that makes me laugh lmao!!! No complaints from me though, especially since this turned out pretty fire!!

  8. Finally, I’ve seen the Withereds and Toys.

  9. 1R
    00:03 Challenge-Edd (Edd VS BF)
    00:14 Report-Edd (Crewmate Red VS BF)
    00:24 Challenge-Mario (Mario VS BF)
    00:35 Challenge-Sky (Sky VS BF)
    00:46 Challenge-Freddy (Withered Freddy VS BF)
    00:55 Challenge-Matt (Matt VS Pico)
    01:05 Challenge-Minus (Minus Edd VS Minus BF)
    01:10 Challenge-Exe (Sonic.Exe VS BF)
    2R (Final)
    01:19 Challenge-Exe (Lord X VS Sonic.Exe and BF)
    01:29 Report-Edd (Impostor Black VS Crewmate Red and BF)
    01:39 Challenge-Sky (BBpanzu VS Sky and BF)
    01:49 Challenge-Matt (Mark VS Matt and Pico)
    01:54 Challenge-Mario (Wario VS Mario and BF)
    01:59 Challenge-Minus (Minus Eduardo VS Minus Edd and Minus BF)
    02:05 Challenge-Freddy (Toy Freddy VS Withered Freddy and BF)

  10. It’s somewhat surprising how many vocals are in these Challeng-Edd and Triple Trouble mods… and how many Challeng-Ed and Triple Trouble mods there are.

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