Challeng-EDD WITH LYRICS By RecD Ft. Juno Songs & JassiVA - Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL (FNF) -

Challeng-EDD WITH LYRICS By RecD Ft. Juno Songs & JassiVA – Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL (FNF)

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Challeng-EDD WITH LYRICS has been in the works since JANUARY. I watched the entirety of Eddsworld SIX TIMES to get it right. I hope you enjoy Boyfriend’s quest through England to get Girlfriend a muffin! Ready to wield the power of the Golden Axe? Play magic engine emulator online and conquer foes in this timeless classic.

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Written, performed, directed and edited by RecD
The Boyfriend, Matt, Eduardo, Jon & Zanta voiced by RecD
The Girlfriend Voiced by Moop:
Edd voiced by JassiVA:
Tom voiced by SomeMusicalKid:
Tord voiced by Juno Songs:
Challeng-EDD Composed and Arranged by philliplol:
Extra Incidental Music arranged by RecD based on Challeng-EDD & Eddsworld Music
Art direction: crowbobot:
Moop, Flower:
Video Art:
Agent Water Buffalo:
Kermo Giovanna:
Court Jester:
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
RETRY animation from Week 5 WLYR by Jakeneutron:
Perfect Clear Footage by Flippy:
Friday Night Funkin is (C) NinjaMuffin99, KawaiSprite,
PhantomArcade and evilsk8r
Eduardo Memers: 29Roars, EllisBros, GALAXYBOI17, HumbayNoob, KirbyatYT, Meebies, RonnieRoush4, RoseInTheSkull, Sakaruchibi, SillySquirtle, Sleepyhead Nat, sussychik, YuloYuppy
Character designs and gameplay taken from the FNF Online Mod
Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, Eduardo Jon, Mark and Zanta owned by Eddsworld
Produced by Josh Denty and Avantika Mishra


  1. My favorite character is tord he so cute 😊😊❤❤❤❤

  2. “Tordvpn”💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  3. I think that Tord is fake it's probably a fake that went roge from spares since there was a another Matt maybe a tord clone sneaked out while tord edd tom and Matt were killing the other clones because there was nothing really evil about tord he was just the most violent out of the group

  4. microwave explodes and edd catches his mic edd your food is done and exploded

  5. The voice actor for Tord had to scream across the room just for the one line to happen

  6. Here's a weird thing I found: Tord's FNF icon is JUST large enough to pop up above the box showing the lyrics. (Its only the peaks of his hair)

  7. Edds you’re foods done..and…exploded got me rolling ☠️

  8. Now i know what fnf mean
    Fnf mean is talk fast


    EDIT: tord VPN got me bro 😭

  10. “Maybe everything’ll be sunshine lollipops.Uh oh.” It got me laughing on floor 😂

  11. I just realized Tord sounds like Ruv 😂

  12. CHALLENG-EDD IS FINALLY DONE! Follow my Twitter for updates on future FNF LYRIC videos! A HUGE, HUUUUUGE THANK YOU TO OUR GUEST VAs, Juno Songs, JassiVA & SomeMusicalKid! They really brought the characters to life!

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