Chaotix Plays Friday Night Funkin'! (PART 1) -

Chaotix Plays Friday Night Funkin’! (PART 1)

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That’s how you do it!

I’ve been seeing this game a lot recently and I figured I might as well give it a shot on the channel! I’m not good at rhythm games so you’ll have to forgive the gameplay but this was really fun! The music is awesome!

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Music provided by Monstercat:
Conro – Every Little Thing


  1. This game has such potential! I hope people can mod it and show support for it in the future!

  2. YOOOOOOO, this game looks so cool, imagine all the modding potentional it would have if it was open source, would be funny if sans got in the game, along with afew other indie titles like cuphead and maybe even bendy!

  3. Wow! This is an amazing game! Sure hope the community isn’t filled to the brim with pedophiles and racists!

    (Chaotix really ripping a page out of StickyBM’s livestream lmao. Still love the vid bro, keep up the good work!)

  4. this game is pretty cool tbh, it just might bring me back into rythm games if they end up making more of this

  5. I haven't seen this game yet! However looks similar to Osu!mania and could help it while gaining popularity!

  6. Hey Chaotix, I have an idea for the next FNB video (if you take requests or not) Can you make a video about farming points in FNB ???

  7. Wow! I can't wait to see what will happen to this game in the future!

  8. dude, i miss this period of fnf so much considering how shitty the games state is nowadays

  9. me thinking that chaotix is having dementia…

  10. imagine how cool it would be if this game went open source

  11. U should also try Osu! It has taken alot of inspiration from this game.

  12. nice joke vid also thumbnail high quality also this takes me back when fnf first released and everyone was like "what's this new game here" and then it became what it is now also nice to see someone play the main game since it's not talked about much despite this being the main version

  13. I've been waiting for a long for this, glad you enjoyed the game, I hope you play the MANY countless mods of it

  14. Yoooo no way! This game looks amazing honestly can't wait to see what's in store for it and it's community

  15. No offense to the talented team behind this game, but I feel like it's not gonna go anywhere. The formula is so boring and repetitive I doubt anyone would even WANT to mod it., it'd just be the same beeps and boops with a different background music.

  16. Yooo this game is sick, i hope they do a kickstarter for it someday 🙂

  17. Im also surprised he didn’t end up playing normal mode or something lmao

  18. mr chaoticks i am new here and i must say you are a noob!!! i bet you cant even beat this one song called ballistic! it is relly hard song and only epic pros like me can beat it get good!!!!

  19. If you use arrow keys or wasd it is not gonna make you good. I recommend the keybinds to be: dfjk or zxm,

  20. man what a cool game I hope ppl on roblox make fan games of this it would be so dope!

  21. this game is so hard, you can’t beat it lmao

  22. man you're pretty good at this considering it's your first time

  23. dude this game looks awesome! i love the unique characters, i hope i can mod the game!

  24. damn this game look so fun! gotta try it out soon

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