Chara vs BF Knife Fight (Friday Night Funkin' Animation) -

Chara vs BF Knife Fight (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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(Small Undertale spoilers for the end of the genocide route)
Echo BF teleports into the world of Undertale at the very end of a genocide route, stumbling upon Chara attempting to kill the player. Although she succeeds in the kill, the game is kept alive, in it’s half-crashed state, because BF is still alive, despite his Undertale soul being killed also. In this state, where Undertale’s battle physics aren’t quite up to code anymore, Chara wants to increase their power and erase the world and BF just wants another challenge, they battle.

(The game being broken is my excuse for the real knife not doing max dmg, blue attacks not being avoidable by standing still, etc, so I can at least have an entertaining fight, instead of Chara winning in an instant from their first hit)

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Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: Filmora11 / Adobe Premier Pro
Drawing tablet: GAOMON M10K 2018


  1. I have chara wallpaper and she looks so cute here

  2. This is 🔥 like look how he makes the embodiment of hate's intimidation face also i noticed theres hella lot of references and easter eggs man put in so much effort mans the goat

  3. Dude this is such a great video may I suggest next doing tabi. Perhaps they do little battles at the first two phases then on the final phase when the whole place is burning down he goes all out trying to kill him while dodging falling debris

  4. Pls part 2 cus i need bf to win also put striking back again

  5. Next fight video please 😢😮😢😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊😊

  6. The ending was not what i expected i hope boyfriend comes back with SANS powers

  7. Am I the only one who noticed that the chara knife was reflected BF?

  8. can we talk about how this fight would be endless and last for all of eternity because both of them can infinitely reset/load save files

  9. Knife🗡 Versus Knife🗡 Who Would Win: Draw☠

  10. Respect for bf that survives the save and load attacks from Chara

  11. I haven't seen your animation's in awhile but your still great as always hope your doing great!

  12. BF said MUI time boi i know how to dogde matt and i can do it again 1:31

  13. 4:40 bro like I knew bf was stupid but I didn't know he was THAT stupid to spare A KILLER (Chara)

  14. Okay but can we appreciate how this guy got Chara's SPEECH correctly? Most people make them a rude annoying edgy brat who insults you all the time, but Chara is actually really polite when not trying to kill you. They even "complimented" bf during their fight, saying that "he really is something different"

  15. the music has no right to sound so good at 1.25x speed

  16. I have no idea why but the “oh your gonna play like HIM” actually hit different

  17. This is one of the best fnf animation ive seen! its amazing how BF had practicly god-like refexes and dodging ability and during the FILE SAVED section didnt take a single point of damage. This might be because he has trained under Matt. This is an amazing animation and I wish Chino luck on his future animations

    Another thing, after seeing this i think that when ECHO is used to copy someone elses power it alway copies their skills and refexes, which explains BF's amazing skill with a knife and his appearence does not change from coping Chara'a power because is just a power within another human being. Maybe im wrong but nevertheless, this is amazing! Another small blink-and-youll-miss-it moment is that Chara's knife shows the refection of BF and alsow shows his "heart" when BF fell for the "Spare" trap which show the detial in this.

    Amazing job Chino!

  18. Are we not going talk about how the corruption is helping bf

  19. I haven't seen any animations from this channel in a long time I'm glad that Chino's animations is back and you got to give kudos to this guy for his awesome animations

  20. Lesson learned. even tho how strong the opponent is. Chara still win. we need a stronger opponent for this violent girl🤔🤔

  21. first of all , this anomation is freakin' AWESOME !! 2nd of all , do we get more of the lore of this corruption ? because i still can't tell if it's his enimy or his ally , we can even say that it saved him at the end only because if he dies , the corruption dies too , who knows , or maybe there's something i missed

  22. I love how chars says “so your gonna play like HIM.” Meaning that bf knows about sans

  23. Bro still making cringe animations 😭😭🤤💀

  24. The man, the myth, the legend…CHINO'S ANIMATED HAS RETURNED!!!

  25. can you make sans vs bf bone fight pls I'll sub

  26. This fight was one sided since chara can't truly lose especially in their world

  27. This divine knife notch is cooler than in real life

  28. How’s he gonna drop this big of a banger after a long time-

  29. This was like how it felt like as a kid when playing with toys and making them fight eachother.

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