Confronting Yourself but everytime it's the Opponent's turn the mod changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Confronting Yourself but everytime it’s the Opponent’s turn the mod changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Confronting Yourself but everytime it’s the Opponent’s turn the mod changes

Fever and Cedar Sing Confronting Yourself:
Nightmare Cuphead and Cuphead Sing Confronting Yourself:
Sonic and Fleetway Sing Confronting Yourself:
Dorkly Sonic and Sonic.exe Sings Confronting Yourself:
Mario and MX Sing Confronting Yourself:
Chara and Frisk Sing Confronting Yourself: (Cover: )
GF and Tactie Sing Confronting Yourself:

Mods Used:
Sonic.Exe (Ring of Despair):
Gumball Confronting Yourself:
Faker Sky and Sky Sing Confronting Yourself:
Confronting Yourself but its Chris:
Phantom Self (Fleetway Confronting Yourself):
Confronting Nightmare:
Herobrine Sings Confronting Yourself:
Confronting Yourself But Expunged & Bambi Sing It:
Devil’s Gambit (Psych engine port):
Confronting Yourself Koi Version:

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  1. All I have and need to say is everyone was singing in honor of EXE happy b-day EXE!!!

  2. Subtitles : epik
    Subtitles : says musik instead of music

  3. It’s supposed to be the new confronting yourself

  4. That last cover of dorkly sonic and pixel exe sonic was so perfect

  5. Minecraft one: Herobrine:Steve I am You
    Steve:No…This can’t be
    Herobrine:I AM YOUR FATHER

  6. MX:Mario
    Mario:MX What Do You Want
    Mario:No Way!
    MX:I’ll kill u then
    Mario Oh A no

  7. Sky.exe is something I feel we all would wanna see at least me

  8. Everyone:runs d&b:smart actually and uses a truck to frive away

  9. I actually got a idea for this kind of mod egg man vs starved egg man

  10. Moral: Sit back and relax people when are they are about die

  11. I like how all of them are literally confronting themselves

  12. The characters in this "But Everyone Sing It" video.
    0:02 – Sonic Vs. Sonic.EXE
    0:10 – Dream Vs. Nightmare (Dream.EXE/Photo Negative Dream)
    0:18 – ??? Vs. Gumball
    0:26 – I know these guys are famous amongst the Friday Night Funkin' modding Community, but I don't know their names
    0:34 – Sonic Vs. Fleetway Sonic
    0:51 – Future Girlfriend Vs. Version 2.0 Present Girlfriend
    1:06 – Steve Vs. Herobrine
    1:22 – Sonic Vs. Sonic.EXE round 2
    1:38 – I don't know these guys. Can someone in the reply section help?
    1:54 – Sky vs. a monstrous version of herself whose name I don't know (is it Sky?)
    2:10 – Mario Vs. MX
    2:18 – Frisk Vs. Chara (Genocide Frisk)
    2:34 – I don't know these guys either, but I think they're doing their own version of Confronting Yourself
    2:44 – Cuphead Vs. Evil Cuphead
    2:52 – Dorkly Sonic Vs. High Effort Pixel Art Sonic.EXE

  13. are there people who still like fnf?

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