Confronting Yourself Final Zone - Sonic.EXE (Friday Night Funkin') -

Confronting Yourself Final Zone – Sonic.EXE (Friday Night Funkin’)

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Confronting Yourself Final Zone – Sonic.EXE (Friday Night Funkin’)


SnowTheFox – Director, Main Programmer
jario16 – Composer
PorkNDogs – Composer
anothernormalperson – Sprite Artist
Tedd – Hallucination Segment
JannTheJuicebox – Charter
Taeyai – Shader Help
Nebula_Zorua – Extra Programming Help
Sammu_ – Tester
JoeDoughBoi – Sonic.EXE 2011 Remake Sprites
Saster – Inspiration

Sonic.EXE: Confronting Yourself (Final Zone)

Friday Night Funkin’ – Psych Engine

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  1. it's funny how one song has made it so far, maybe not as far as things like fe but still crazy far.

  2. original sonic.exe, Sonic don't has a chance even in super it's impossible cus he can alternate and manipulate the reality in his world, it's a dead end for sonic, if is it og sonic.exe he aren't sonic, it's literally a dark matter who'd make a sonic suit for him, he actually doesn't possesed sonic or a demon.

  3. Bro for some reason I wanna be sonic in that place and kick sonic right in those bal-

  4. Hello, I really like your content, I find it entertaining, keep it up and don't change

  5. Hey bro, I got a question for the v2 ultimate defeat, how come u decided to close the mod down, I rlly wanna get it.

  6. what happens if you start to miss when the best ending starts (when you're on the tornado)

  7. Do you know when theres gonna be a flp? My friend wants to make a cover of this

  8. I’m surprised that an fnf YouTuber made it this far congrats 😊

  9. Hey TOPGameplay, what is the hardest song you’ve beaten in Friday Night Funkin?

  10. The fact that Knuckles is willing to fight .EXE again is a very good detail.

  11. Here is why tails knockles and eggman is still alive so they did die and turned into. Exe's but they still had one more life and turned back to normal
    If i was wrong tell me.

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