Cycles - Friday Night Funkin' Dsides Remix (ft. Rareblin) (Official Upload) -

Cycles – Friday Night Funkin’ Dsides Remix (ft. Rareblin) (Official Upload)

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    And to make sure of what I'm saying, I've waited to this day hearing other songs to make sure it wasn't just temporary hype or something, but no song compares to this one. I just love it with all my heart and is probably my all time favorite FNF song.
    I play this song at least two times per day, and there's days where I play it all time.
    I love this.

  2. 0:000:15
    it feels like a mind of psychopath wholooks normal but in his mind he has repressed anger and fear from his traumas….like a beastly devil chained at "gardens of hell"
    *similiar to patrick bateman but book accurate

  3. Ristar’s part is the best part, change my mind.

  4. how many times are you gonna change ur pfp lmao

  5. this is a perfect fit for my doors but ohio speedrun

  6. My favorite part of this song is when D-Side Cycles says "I will D-Side how I will kill you." and hits Boyfriend with multiple Cycles.

  7. I thank God Z for introducing me to vectorman and alex kidd

  8. When is God z gonna have rhymes this feels dull without the rhythming

  9. when i saw the 3 other sega characters in this song i played those games also i love this song

  10. I listened to many covers of cycles d side

    Now it sounds weird to listen to the song without voicelines

  11. I am pretty late for this, but this is a good ass song. Love 3:174:08. Its practically my favorite part of the song.

  12. I don't know why, but the thumbnail of god z reminds me of Mario

  13. This is real good, but it fits more to be a Fate D-sides

  14. Oh my god Alex kid’s section slapped me so hard in the nuts that I puked through the nose

  15. While Lord X is a massive Sonic fan, God Z is a massive SEGA fan

  16. I advise you all to listen to this at 1.25 speed.


    i want to make a cover of them being the 5 stages of grief so bad but i dont know how to music

  18. I’m disappointed I never commented on this sooner-

    Deadass it’s that one song I just ALWAYS come back too. God Z as a concept is so cool, the fan service is unreal, and the songs a damn banger. Def one of the best Fnf songs period. 🔥

  19. I gotta hear this with Tenma Mighty now fr‼️

  20. The background in the first phase is really creepy.

  21. Hi i'm from the futur and this song still slaps

  22. 667th comment i think.
    Anyways Lord X be like "nobody can top my encore" and God Z just like "hold my flying squirrel corpse"

  23. While we're on the topic of God Z transforming into creepy-ass versions of different SEGA characters, I don't know if i should be Dissapointed, Proud, Relieved, or all 3 about the fact that there was no AiAi transformation.

    Regardless this still means Monkey Ball has a running count of 0 FNF mods even so much as referencing it, and I'm still just kind of patiently waiting for that to change. I may have not grown up on Ristar, Alex Kidd, or Vector Man, but Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 were and still are the good shit… to me at least.

  24. Coming back after 3.0, this one's still the best.

  25. Perfection in it's purest form😌, is the most simplest way to put it

  26. Finally I can hear this song without absurd delay on the vocals 😄

  27. sees thumbnail

    me: "is this a inscryption fnf mod?"

  28. The first four results when searching Cycles are
    This video, D-Sides Cycles
    Johnathan McReynolds – Cycles
    Geometry Dash Level 9 Cycles
    Vs. Sonic.EXE 2.0 – Cycles
    Man there’s a lot of cycles

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