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Danger But Everyone Sings It 🎤​ (FNF Different Characters Sings Danger Remix)

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In this Friday Night Funkin video you’ll see Danger but every turn a different character sings it. This is Danger but every turn a different cover is used Sharv Remix.

Remix by Sharv
Original song by @Rareblin

Mods used on the video:

VS Impostor –
VS Herobrine –
Indie Cross –
Funk Guys –
VS Skarlet Bunny –
Chainsaw VS Sword –
Sonic.Exe: Ring of Despair –
After Rainbow Friends –
Another Atrocity Fan Mod –
Cheated –
VS Sonic.exe 3.0 –
Hypno’s Lullaby V2 –

Inspired on the creators of FNF but Every Turn a Different Cover Is Used and FNF but Every Turn a Different Character Sings comes Friday Night Funkin’ but Everyone Sings It. The concept is simple, a variety of characters either FNF Huggy Wuggy, FNF Sonic.exe, Rainbow Friends or even Pibby characters sing a certain song. The possibilities are endless.

This video was made by Sharv on FL Studio

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  1. Bro THIS REMIX FUCKING SLAPS, genuinely one of the most banger remixes I’ve ever heard, I love the beat drops and the characters sound amazing too, love how most characters run along just like the original song. Epic vid bro. Would kill for a full cover of Beelzebub

    probably shouldve added an epilepsy warning tho

  2. Yeeeeeesss back with covers and even a remix so EPIC😆

  3. OMG Sharv publico una cover despues de mucho

  4. Este cover esta muy épico!!!!, buena elección de personajes Sharv

  5. Hold up a rundown of everything amazing abt this cover: the remix the effects the characters and most important of all the tankman render omg this is awsome sharv

  6. Man this is a fire remix cover sharv, the effects and characters are spot on here especially the running parts and great work as always. 👍

  7. el bf de la miniatura es de la miniatura de community game xd

  8. Escuchar Danger en BETADCUI es god, pero en tu versión es lo más supremo que escuchado,
    Porque Danger es una de mis canciones favoritas aparte de heartbeat :3

    En serio, muchas gracias por hacer esto y sigue así Sharv >w<

  9. Este cover estuvo genial y muy épico 😎

  10. best cover i seen from you sharv 😀😃🙂🤑

  11. Im kinda miss how everyone always making fnf betadciu neonight,laylace,sharv,swirl,and zynux

  12. That covers are really fired and epic 😁

  13. Is the after rainbow friends mod private? Cause there's no gamebanana link!

  14. I love that Sharv does thing that make him one above the rest. That remix was absolutely slappin. I would suggest Double Kill, but I'm not going to force people to cover song just cause I like them. Plus, that would be a long remix

  15. 0:54
    I think Golden Freddy would be good here, just imagine their voices together.

  16. Un cover de los GOD 😎 sin duda er s el mejor

  17. 1:26 Whatever they say, this is the best part of the song, it just has such a good rhythm and I loved the voices you chose, they turned out so well that I love it xDDDD 😀

  18. Amazing cover and remix bro ! GG, Sharv ^^

  19. FINALLY, YOUR BACK ON TRACK, also cool remix, will you upload a video with the remix?


  21. Danger in the start sound like fallen of the fall guys mod :0

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