Death Toll WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin': Hypno's Lullaby (v2) Cover -

Death Toll WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’: Hypno’s Lullaby (v2) Cover

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Never talk to strangers.


Dawn: Lauren Kong (@LaurenK_VA , )
Beelze: RecD (@recorderdude, )

Lyrics, Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Game Footage: Gensei Channel ()
Original Composition: Punkett (@punkett)

FNF Lullaby directed by Banbuds (@banbuds_original)

Friday Night Funkin’ developed by ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade

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  1. 2:09 Not gonna lie,the concept of becoming trapped in a game with some creepy character is terrifying,and I love how it's executed, "trapped in code and wire" is absolutely amazing.
    Also I love the gain of speed after the contract shows up.

  2. I've been wondering what happens to dawn when the person enters there name? Does she just stop existing when the sprite gets replaced or what?

  3. I think that my only question here would be this:
    After the line "Please someone anybody," what would her (and by proxy BF) lyrics be if BF actually spoke, not just Beep Booped?

  4. 2:09 I'm the only one who, despite playing the mod, knowing what happens and the ending, still, felt a tiny flash of hope when he saw Dawn raise her voice with determination?

  5. I really liked the cover bro keep it up :3 ❤

  6. It is bone chilling that Dawn realizes she cant fight or move, as her voice is taken from her

  7. You still keep popping out bangers right and left. I love each with lyrics you make, though I wish SOMEONE would make a proper Wednesday's infidelity song with lyrics, other than random words unable to be read on screen because they change so god damn fast.

  8. me vs the dude trying to change my gender and sexuality:

  9. I love how in monochrome dx you see the same art that is the thumbnail. Great teaser


  11. if we shouldn't talk to strangers how we make friends?

  12. I really think a Missingo Lyrics cover would be cool!

  13. all im saying is

    boyfriends lyrics are really well thought out

  14. Amazing song!!
    Two questions:
    – Is there a place where you upload the drawings of the video?? The art here is sooo cool
    – is there chance for another Bug fables song????

    Have a great day!

  15. Fanon Theory: when Beelzebub said that a shadow would follow BF, he could be referring to Lemon Demon, which would work considering both Beelzebub and Lemon Demon are from hell, and Lemon Demon could be that shadow

  16. 2:09 this is my favorite part by far.

    Dawn puts herself up to the challenge, she is willing to give herself and her team to go against this unknown threat, she had ownership of Hell Bell remember? she is aware that his stats are ridiculous… No, seriously, 666 on everything? that thing it's a legit monster, Arceus, literal god, has 120 base across all his stats… So just compare.

    Yet this doesn't matter to her, she is willing to go and face this demonic bell… Yet when she can't even sent out her torterra, her voice shifts from determined to complete fear, screaming for help until her cries fall into a sea of beeps and boops.

    Now probably in reality she was just sent back to the lost tower entrance, her team intact, everything back to normal… But man still this doesn't take back the fact that his was traumatic as hell for the poor girl, she was used like a tool, she play a part in an inoccent soul demise, and despite her brief heroism, she couldn't do a thing.

    I love this cover, great job Juno, Lauren and RecD.

  17. This is the best one, you have her go beep bop bap 🤣🤣🤣

  18. ganzo the king of randomes(? #$OMG!!&ñ says:

    you know this happen to me one time…..the kid didn't want to get in my van even if i told him that i have free candy.Anyways just a bad luck day🥲

  19. What is going on here💀💀 remember when this was a game about a boy trying to win a girl over from her dad

  20. You've done Monochrome, and now Death Toll. Can I hope that the next one is Frostbite?

  21. The only demon that actually "defeated" boyfriend, forced him into a devil's contract, while 2 demons can't be at him in a rap battle 💀

  22. I think a very under appreciated part of this video is how dawn, upon realsing that she was facing a demon, choose to attack rather than run. She knew he was up to no good and was gonna do her best to stop it

  23. Beings like him should really be booted out, and legendarys hate their domains being messed with. Let's have the entity learn that the hard way.

  24. am i the only one who thinks Dawn was saying something else between those beep and bops

  25. That tiny detail of chains surrounding the Pokeball Dawn is holding so that she can't summon the Pokémon to aid her. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet players like me would immediately get what that's referencing. Very clever.

  26. bf when beep and bops don’t save him from getting solo’d by the devil:😨

  27. could someone explain to me what is going on, I don’t know who this Beelze is

  28. I don't know the lore so why is a old man threatening a minor with a emo af big ben

  29. Bf is either playing as dawn or is disguised poor Dawn

  30. "One who dares appear behind you, Lay upon the ground your sword, and i'll grant your eternal reward!"
    …gives me spy tf2 ptsd

  31. Beelze got undeniable rizz, i have no idea what he's selling, butim buying it

  32. kinda sad to think that Dawn in the game was pretty much willed out of existence and replaced by boyfriend

  33. Which creepypasta is this based on? The title says Hypno's Lullaby, but nothing of gen IV was involved with that pasta.

  34. Hmm, I heard something about brimstone. Is that a clue, or am I just overthinking again…

  35. dang and i thought spookynova (or springy’s i forgot who’s it was) was good, but this is amazing!

  36. Dawn sings about internet safety while random old man keeps trying to scam her

  37. Bf is a hero of random he currently protects dawn universums
    Dawn: help me my player
    BF: stay Away from this young girl names dawn
    Bf: don't worry I'm stop this Demonic gentleman

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