Defeat (2023 Remaster) Playable - Friday Night Funkin' Vs Impostor -

Defeat (2023 Remaster) Playable – Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Impostor

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Defeat 2023 oh meh gee
(There was a problem with a deleted video of some “presets” for among us characters with anims included that i used, those were apparently traced and were made by Funni, im so sorry man)

My friend Nickobelit helped me fixing the issues and buttons work now! TYSM
Heres his yt:

Credits to the non-traced original assets creator: @funni626
He got cool mod and the boyfriend sprites are actually some funny tophat guy so yeah!!!
ill check better next time!!!

FIXES: (Use PsychEngine 0.6.3, I didn’t test newer or older versions.)
Upscroll Issues. (Stage Script Tweens detect ur settings)
Middlescroll Fixed (Middlescroll is recommended but it works without it, detects ur settings)
Exit and Play Again Buttons work!
i love you nickobelit thanks for fixing it !!!
New Version:
Guess kbhgames uploads mods without consent, atleast they credit me so i dont reallly care

(Too lazy to make a gamebanana download frfr)
To re-add death functions (with normal fnf health, not even 5 miss kill)
just go to function onUpdate(elapsed) and be sure to remove setHealth(100)

wondershare filmora wont export it at hd quality :sob:
chart by me
art (black and boyfriend among us) by funni626
base code:
(i heavily edited, removed and added code to it)
so code: by me and my friend who helped

I was gonna use the extracted Inst and Voices but the voices were bad exported and literally no sound at the end piece (still on the files)


  1. i tried playing it but it doesn’t let you play it in up scroll at all lol, good job on everything tho

  2. i tried playing this but the downscroll destroyed me.

  3. some one needs to make a pack for this its insan good

  4. This is how v5 defeat should have looked like

  5. Ok guys its fixed, re-download v1.1 to be able to play it!!!
    psych engine 0.6.3 god damn it!!! (PC, my friend tested on android)

  6. Can you make pretender and more imposter v4 songs?

  7. i love the concept of the being in the official among us style for defeat

  8. I love it when cute little sonic instruments are used as the instrumental 🥰

  9. I love how it’s still the April fools one, though we now know how it’s like for the Vs Imposter cast to be in Among Us legit.

  10. Instead of v4 Black, it should've been v5 black lmao

  11. If imposter V6 released at April 1st 2024 that happens

  12. I’m pretty sure This is vs impostor v6

  13. bro
    You just had to make it playable, not make a masterpiece 😳

  14. Esta demasiado bueno 👍

  15. yo just uh asking you made this mod right? cuz i kind of uploaded it on my channel without knowing who made it 💀

  16. Boyfriend is now known as Mr. Clean in this version, due to his hair choices.

  17. I wish they made a full imposter v4 of this because this SICK!

  18. played it died once but using hp loss x5 and gain x0.1

  19. imposter v5 in an alternate universe where it was a serious update:

  20. nah man, these designs are super cool looking

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