Defeat & Finale WITH LYRICS By RecD (Impostor V4/Among Us) - Friday Night Funkin' THE MUSICAL -

Defeat & Finale WITH LYRICS By RecD (Impostor V4/Among Us) – Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL

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After suffering countless Defeats in Among Us, Boyfriend challenges Black Impostor to a rap battle. Things escalate quickly. Now, in the grand finale, the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Can Boyfriend rap his way to victory – WITH LYRICS? Our first Friday Night Funkin’ cover of 2023 3 months in the making is jam-packed with gorgeous art and deep lore to delight and astonish.


Written, performed, arranged, directed & edited by RecD
Extra editing assistance by Valonide:
Boyfriend & Black Impostor/Parasite voiced by RecD
The Girlfriend Voiced By Moop:
“Defeat” Composed & Arranged by Rareblin:
“Finale” Composed & Arranged by Vruzzen:
& Punkett:
Incidental Music arranged by RecD based on Defeat,
Danger, Sussus Moogus, Finale, Dadbattle & Tutorial
Art direction: crowbobot: & valonide
Court Jester:
Biposi Gardener:
Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
Produced by Josh Denty and Avantika Mishra
Among Us characters owned by Innersloth:
Black Impostor & Impostor V4 mod owned by Impostorm:
Clow owned by Foe
FNF Owned by NinjaMuffin99, Kawai Sprite, PhantomArcade and Evilsk8r



    Love that

  2. “hey! want to make another new grounds account to vote 5 on all your uploads?”

  3. Can gray imposter pls get revenge on bf and gf for next video

  4. "SCREW THE RULES I HAVE MONEY!" —–Boyfriend 2023

  5. This by far the best with lyrics video I have ever seen, truly a work of art and with lore as well, truly something to behold

  6. your story telling is dope bruh !
    You're making a better story than the original game it's awsome !

  7. This is a masterpiece. Given the story and vocals just makes it that much better. My fav 2 songs in imposter v4 has been made perfect

  8. ….why are all the sections in this video named after Ninjago stuff (besides Rip)

  9. I thoughts he would have more like a Dark lord, you should fear of and a god voice. He literally it’s bigger than other imposters and his vocals sound like that

  10. Isn't black a god, how was girlfriend able to beat him

  11. Okay can i just say, whoever voiced black did a PHENOMENAL job. They really put emphasis on how black manipulates masterfully. It’s amazing!

  12. Fanon retry: girlfriend rewinds time to prevent bf from dying and leaving her making bf experience agonising deaths thousands of times
    Canon retry: girlfriend sucks a chicken

  13. I just realized, BF never mentioned Grey. But Black did.. Hmm, I wonder how that’ll be like, Maybe Black sends Grey possibly..

  14. Bro Votes 5 on alt accounts on all his posts😂

  15. "A permanent Death?"

    And Black goes on terrify Boyfriend, and some part of the audience

  16. Bro..wait what if you do ULTIMATE DEFEAT??? I know it isn’t canon but it would be a cool little bonus.

  17. Never have i EVER THOUGHT an among us fnf song has lore in it, this series used to be fnf songs with lyrics.. NOW IT HAS FULL ON LORE????

  18. "SCREW THE RULES I HAVE MONEY!" – Boyfriend, 2023

  19. What are you talking about the last voice over?

  20. Black was so badass in this I’m subscribing

  21. I am loving the whole girlfriend secret villain arc

  22. Did anyone else notice that the number that pops up in the beginning is the number of times the game has reloaded after black killed boyfriend?

  23. 13,541 failed attempts for Girlfriend to save Boyfriend from this one fight. That's potentially weeks of seeing Boyfriend killed in probably the most gruesome manner to date. I don't know if I should admire the dedication or feel bad for the personal hell she put herself and Boyfriend.

  24. All I wanna know is what happened to undersong (it popped up right after this video lmao)

  25. Who here thinks black was portrayed perfectly, he sounds like such a gentleman but the truth is hidden of how sadistic he really is once you find out his true colors (and parasite form).

  26. IT'S FINALLY OUT! How did you like the newest episode of FNF WITH LYRICS' main storyline? What are your theories for the rest of the season? Tabi will continue the plotline later this month, so keep your eyes peeled…

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