Delusion but everytime it's the Opponent's turn the mod changes - Friday Night Funkin' -

Delusion but everytime it’s the Opponent’s turn the mod changes – Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Delusion but everytime it’s the Opponent’s turn the mod changes

Delusion (Old Version):

Mods Used:
VS Impostor:
Impostor v4 Fanmade:
Vs Impostor in 3D:
Fanmade Imposter but with Yellow & Gray:
VS Impostor Remastered:
Vs imposter but they are Human:

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  1. Do this with the Last stand song from the omega mod

  2. ayo main bareng Habibie Talitha tasya says:

    Why i feel like the gray motion is lile mini crew but he is already adult



  4. In the remastered of Brown just looks like he’s chilling and not dead

  5. Somebody should make one where Grey's trying to kill all the imposters and be a hero

  6. İ made 1000k likes when i pressed like button

  7. The one part where bf has blacks cone is like grey but adult

  8. ranking time!!!

    0:00 the og, you cant go wrong with it really, 8/10

    0:17 i believe this is impostor v4 remastered, which is a mod we literally do not need whatsoever. bf skin is cool tho, giving it a 6/10

    0:29 i like how they used greys original sprite and animated it. But the bf skin is just.. no. 5/10

    0:41 SKRUNKLE BF 10/10

    0:54 uhh ok where do i begin
    so the 3d thing is fine and all, but the poses just dont fit. also its on kade engine. womp womp. 3/10

    1:06 now if you dont know what this is, this is grey’s concept design before triple trouble was a thing. they remastered it to fit with v4’s style and i really like it. 9/10

    1:18 here it is, human impostor mod. grey looks fine but the left pose just looks kinda.. weird. vocals also dont fit, 6/10

    1:30 gf is here now i guess, but looks like grey got a downgrade. 2/10

    1:42 this is just from the prototype. i’m not ranking it

  9. Esta Cooooooool la música 👍 de doy 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟✨🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 siempre me gustan mucho tu músicas

  10. 𝕤𝕠𝕪ℕ𝕠𝕒𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜! says:

    I really like the human style of the gray imposter

  11. DeLusion But Everyone Sings It (Changed Characters)

  12. Gray is not a imposter hes kinda but hes a mini crewmate

  13. Bro in the 3d one GRAY ISN'T A AN IMPOSTER

  14. Bruh this is just delusion but it gets older

  15. 0:58 is the moment that people don’t realise that gray is not an impostor, but God turned into an impostor but he still a crew mate

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