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DISTURBANCE GAMEPLAY PREVIEW (Friday Night Funkin’: The Disk Origins Mod)

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A song joke xd bros
Disturbed Sonic: Me xd @treno7178
Vaporeon : @Huisti

Friday Night Funkin’: The Disk Origins Mod :

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  1. literally me going on youtube with "shitpost status" or "offensive meme comp" videos in my recommended 💀

  2. Porque no solo cierra la pc y nada mas en vez de estar en batalla de rap

  3. Sonic.EXE after searching vaporeon rule 34 be like:

  4. No…
    GET OUT…
    GET OUT…

  5. sonic when he sees vaporeon:WTF POKEMON STOP ITTTTTT

  6. Ofc it had to be her……
    I feel in Disturbance (*get it?*)

  7. Me when in the Revie03's server send porn on general:

  8. Ah, I see he finally figured out what made vaporeon so special, ey?

  9. Can you plz make this an instrumental plz? This video has connected to my soul. Plz do it

  10. "Please capture the intel I want to turn in my contract"
    -Sonic's last words

  11. Just wait until he sees sonic x shadow he be wanting to be under the soil when sees that

  12. Fun fact: Uncanny Sonic's animations are in Friday Night Bloxxin' (Roblox game) already.

  13. I ned the png of the sprites only frames please in drive please

  14. And that's why Xenophane hate anime rule 34 in my opinion !

  15. loads pistol there’s a reason I’m NOT Spider-Man

  16. wtf internet did to sonic… poor guy.

  17. At that moment, Sonic felt the true terror 😰.

  18. In my opinion Xenophane hate rule 34 also
    Needlemouse/Sarah rule 34 ! And became uncanny just like Mr Incredible !

  19. This is perfect because I saw some cringe Fnf video above this one.

  20. Can you please do an instrumental to this soundtrack please? I’m trying to do another HonnerBound video for my series. I am a Mother/Earthbound/Sonic fan and I want to to ask permission to you if I can use your instrumental for My Friday Night Funkin review plz. Thank you. You are doing great and also(Please add this to your mod plz.) Thank you Treno if you are reading this. Plz reply

  21. The crazy thing is WHY HE DON'T TURN IT OFF HMMMM?

  22. What the hell is going on in the fnf community-

  23. Bad thing is… I've seen that vaporeon image

  24. Hello would anyone givw me the vaporeon dwp

  25. Whats with these joke songs being better than every single fnf song

  26. Yo cuando hablaba con su bot y dijo que era hombre

  27. In the beginning, I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I hear an Abuse reference.

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