Don't Listen but its a FNF mod - Amanda the adventure in Friday night funkin' -

Don’t Listen but its a FNF mod – Amanda the adventure in Friday night funkin’

Bijuu Mike
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Today we play Don’t Listen the Amanda The Adventure Song but as a friday night funkin mod and other really cool FNF mods
Watch my original Reaction to Don’t Listen music video –

Don’t listen original video –
Don’t Listen fnf mod –
FNF: FUNK TAPES (VS. Amanda The Adventurer) –
Friday Night Rotin’- FNF Amanda mod –

edited by @Goncy


  1. We all knew her saying up down left right down in the song was sus.

  2. Too be honest i think wooly like Amanda or there secretly a couple🤔🤔that's why they have worser fights then "friends"

  3. In the second mod, it looks like she's wearing poptarts on her feet

  4. man really said it’s not dat hard and he got over 75 misses

  5. Have you played my school simulater for phones you get to create and customize everything looks awesome it's from Japan it's a phone game that's free.🎉❤

  6. The reason wooly is so nice to her is bc wooly irl Sam is her father Rebecca's daughter

  7. Bijou mike you must play alternate watch!

  8. On the operations I thought amandas shoes were poptarts

  9. I play the mod before those buttons that were mixed up I beat it

  10. I want you to post a video of you watching my hero academia.


  12. Bro I hate fnf and think it’s bad and the up up right I knew it would come out 💀💀

  13. The voice actor for amanda is a youtuber its toastmarshmellow i think she even reacted to herself😊

  14. bijuu can you see dont listen but i ruined it

  15. watch the actor of Amanda here! @toastymarshmellow_

  16. 𝚂𝚘 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝ت︎♡︎㋛︎

  17. Pls recap don't listen but I ruined it by

  18. Amanda got that boykisser eyes in that last mod

  19. When it was zooming in into the Middle TV it was a reference to learning with something I do remember the full name

  20. On the top right also it's something that adult swim never made even though they made a trailer about it


  22. In the topic of Fnf

    PLS!! Play the Darkness Takeover mod Aka Pibby Family guy PLS!!!!!

  23. 6:49 "Yea just like that Wooly!" -Bijuu Mike 2023

    never thought I would hear that in a fnf video💀

  24. I just thought of something Amanda is Rebecca rhite but Woolly can talk to her like a person and not like a mindeless character. Wat if Woolly is also a nother person that is trapped in the tapes but Amanda just hass more control in that tapes that he does ?🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Also this is a very cool mod.😊

  25. Guys why do I sound like Amanda while I sing even tho I’m a boy-

  26. Can you play the strongest battlegrounds in Roblox please

  27. I don't know why don't listen reminds me so much of mlp equestria girls. It just seems like It'd be in it.

  28. There's someone who has a channel that voiced Amanda the adventure!

  29. Plz bjiuu mike watch the whole video of dont listen but i ruined it video plz

  30. Play my singing monsters again please

  31. It’s just note charting with the music video in the background. But Mike makes anything hung entertaining when it comes to his vids.

  32. Hey bijuu mike sussy school grounds chapter 4 is here

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