Don't Listen but its a FNF mod - Amanda the adventure in Friday night funkin' -

Don’t Listen but its a FNF mod – Amanda the adventure in Friday night funkin’

Bijuu Mike
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Today we play Don’t Listen the Amanda The Adventure Song but as a friday night funkin mod and other really cool FNF mods
Watch my original Reaction to Don’t Listen music video –

Don’t listen original video –
Don’t Listen fnf mod –
FNF: FUNK TAPES (VS. Amanda The Adventurer) –
Friday Night Rotin’- FNF Amanda mod –

edited by @Goncy


  1. they just put the song and the notes in there and they called it the mod.
    i wish they would actually like make it a real mod

  2. Did you not know that if look closer at the tv it will show pibby Fun fact

  3. Holy shoot i think i saw Pibby on 2:35 by the left just by his notes

  4. Finally fnf mode i was waiting for these moment🎉
    Ty for playing it:)

  5. It's* an* FNF* mod – Amanda the Adventurer* Friday Night* Funkin'*

  6. Day 15 of asking Mike to play "The coffin of Andy and Leyley" !!11!☺

  7. Yeah remember this game (fnf is basically dead)

  8. I just realized I was wearing the same headphones as bijuu mike

  9. Plz play FNF Non-Stop Debate mod

  10. You would listen to the ruined version of don't listen

  11. I literally played the second and third mod about a week ago. Great vid! Loved it!

  12. Me who knows the whole lore: uh. wooly is actually semi-bad.. COUGH

  13. They finish with don’t listen to be but I ruined it

  14. When bijuu Mike said "why is wooly so nice to Amanda." The answer is if Amanda gets mad she makes him disappear (killing him for that tape).

  15. Mike please please please play the get a snack at 4am update

  16. Day 11:
    Of asking bijuu mike to play killer frequency

  17. You should listen cg5's "pied piper" and "parappa plays funky music"

  18. Bro a fnf song ad came when I taped this vid

  19. Its not you its because you had ghost tapping turned off simple mistake

  20. It got scary when she said I’m out there somewhere rotting into nowhere 😅

  21. Sussy school grounds part 4 approved is here please play it

  22. Were making it out of the attic with this one

  23. Okay just saying I would love to see Bijuu Mike play Potatoes Farm, it has a very unexpected plot twist and I guess you can more or less call it a horror game

  24. Day 1 of asking him to react to the don’t listen, but I ruined it

  25. “its my turn, SHUT UP” got me rolling on the crusty floor for poor woolie 😂😂

  26. Is it me dut why do i hear n### when they say you`re never listing 3:45 ?

  27. Idk but charting seems off a bit but its cool how they put the whole video in the mod

  28. uhy is it so long? its midnight like its uhy 15:23 uhy did you need to make so long?

  29. The song is accurate like every one does the opposite of what she says and so they don’t LiStEn💅 and the song is about it it’s so cool

  30. woolie: you dont have to answer that
    me: ok guys im getting mixed fealings here i do you want me to answer or not????

  31. bijuu mike out of context:
    "idk what to say woolie but when your scared you sound SO good"

  32. @BijuuMike Pls play the new Zed technician game. It look cool and I know that you like Men in windows…

  33. Please listen to don’t listen but I ruined it.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  34. Mike:wooly,when u are scared u sound cool.
    Wooly's reaction: JUST HELP ME T_T

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