DOOMSDAY but Every Turn a Different Character Sings🎙 (FNF Doomsday but Everyone Sings It) -

DOOMSDAY but Every Turn a Different Character Sings🎙 (FNF Doomsday but Everyone Sings It)

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DOOMSDAY but Every Turn a Different Character Sings🎙 (FNF Doomsday but Everyone Sings It)

In this video you will see Doomsday but Every Turn a Different Character Sings. Enjoy it! 🎙

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Mod use:
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Vs Sonic.EXE 2.5 / 3.0 👉
The Blueballs Incident 2.0 👉
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Original song by @Vruzzen 👉

GenoX –
Blantados –

Friday Night Funkin Doomsday
FNF but everyone sings Doomsday
FNF Doomsday but everyone sings it
FNF Doomsday but every turn a different cover is used

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #Doomsday


  1. Funktastic! But I Really Want Needlemouse To Be In A BETADCIU Though.

  2. goood job zynux this song is the best cover on your channel

  3. Bueno zynux,nos da otra cover de inspiración, perfección 👍

  4. I hope you not use lord x and ugly mario voice bank againg

  5. Your the 1st person to include ringcam mario

  6. 0:16 can someone pass me the chromatic scale of sonic.exe why does it sound different

  7. Man, this song's really sick when you covered it, amazing work, Zynux!

  8. If you would’ve unblocked the gunshot, you could’ve won.

  9. Good cover. You made some good ones. I like em.

  10. I am your fan who lives in Japan.
    You are a great creator!!

  11. Swirl sounds like that one aunt who smokes way too much but somehow doesn’t have lung cancer

  12. FNF shaggy x matt but every sing it pls🥺

  13. Se que es un tema que habla de suicidio pero es muy buen tema xd

  14. Ngl, seeing Yuri in the cover made me realize that a Doomsday cover with her would be quite fitting. Since both songs Makarov and Doomsday build up to Yuri's and Squidward's suicide. Wish someone could do it.


    Squidward: I'm tired of living this Hell bottom! I just want to end this suffer!
    Boyfriend: Don't do it, you still have so much to live for!

    Sonic.exe: I am God, bow for me!
    Blantad: I don't want to say this but, your Mod is Cancelled and now it's Mistful Crimson morning time to shine
    (Sonic.exe Cried)

    Tailsdoll: Give me your blood, cause i need red Paint!
    Legacy Annie: How about i take off that redstone on your head!

    Thanatophobia Gf: Why are we doing here?
    Girlfriend: find my Boyfriend

    Herra: Pico, catch!
    Pico: Looks like this Uberkids never stop
    (Herra & Pico vs Uberkids)

    (Taeyai vs Conner)

    Mickey mouse: I'm still sad and i don't even want to live in this Cartoon!
    Bendy: Listen mickey, you and are not so different, but what i hate most is Poppy playtime and ZAMination/EnchantedMob because Poppy playtime just copy my Studio into a Toy factory and those channel is super Cringe.

    Jerry: I just killed Tom for no reason! Especially his owner because… wait, your Mickey mouse i just met before?
    Coco: Oh my goodness, it's Jerry, but why are you holding a Knife?

    Yuri: Thank you for putting me in your Cover Swirl, Your hair is great on my wall!
    Swirl: Get off from me!

    Roasted Skeleton: Still shorts
    Jellybean: Can anyone stop talking about my height!

    Animdude/Scott cawthon: What are you doing here?
    Nikku: say, is Fazbear and Friends cringe?

    (Fill this)

    Ring cam Mario: Hey luigi, let me inside. I want to give a something
    Beta luigi: Go away you freak, i just want to die.

    Sasha: Eat this electric!
    KB: You forgot i'm a Robot

    Pinkie Pie: take a bite of this delicious Pie!
    Flippy: Is that a Blood?!
    Pinkie pie: I SAID EAT IT!!
    Flippy/Fliqpy: You forgot i bring a kbife and dodge your toy

    Tabi: I'm so suffer from this Body, that Dearest just using me! I'm gonna kill her! And someone who trying to gst on my way!!
    Hatsune Miku: What are you doing with that?!
    (Tabi press the button and Explode Dearest family house)

    Slenderman: These little shit are now my children: Hoodie, Masky, Ticci toby, and Sally.
    ???: Hey
    Jeff the killer: I wanna Rematch yu stupid Mannequin!
    (Slenderman vs Jeff the killer)
    Just like old time

    Squidward Worst Traumatized: Boo, you suck at clarinet, just go home and Die! I wish you never existed in this Bikini bottom you big nose failure!

    Boyfriend: OH YEAH HAHA

    MX: HAHAHA, come here lucas/luigi!
    Lord X: come here and play with me!

    Starved eggman: is the dinner ready
    Furnace: yes
    Sonic: LET ME GO!!!
    Starved & Furnace: IT'S… DI… NNER… TIME!

    Scene 1:
    Someone Shot Starved eggman's head and shot furnace, killing them both, it was Tails saving Sonic.
    Sonic: Tails…
    (Everything begin to silence with static TV)

    Scene 2:
    Squidward pull the Trigger and point the Shotgun at his head and you know what happened next.
    (everything begin to silence with static TV)

    Please give a like to my Comments 💙
    Awesome cover!

  16. A zynux! Podrías poder hacer poner el Jeff the killer Nuevo de la 1.5

  17. Come on guys! Let’s get this man to 100k subs!

  18. Man you made a banger even more banging!! What a great job✨🤌✨

    (Also pls do cannibalism next is my favourite song)

  19. Man I wish the end was starved Eggman fighting Sonic so instead of just hearing squidward ending himself you see sonic get nailed by furnace but overall great cover bro. 👍

  20. Impresionante trabajo como siempre, mi parte favorita de seguro es la de Slenderman vs Jeff

  21. Oh god it’s the attack of the suicidal’s

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