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Drawing FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ – Corrupted Twilight Sparkle / New Pibby Corrupted Garcello

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Hi, guys!
Today, I drew New Corrupted Mod. 😁
Enjoy the video and share it with your friends to help me with my channel.
Thank you!❤️

(If there’s a picture you want to see, please leave a comment. )

⌚️Real time 6 hours

🎨Tools used
-Fabriano bristol 250g
-Alpha brush makers 60
-Prisma colors 132
-Staedtler pigment liner Pen
-Posca makers 12
-Monami plus pen


1,2Friday Night Funkin’ VS Corrupted Twilight Sparkle, Dusk Till Dawn (Come Learn With Pibby x FNF Mod)

3,4.Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby Corrupted Garcello | Come Learn With Pibby

5.Friday Night Funkin’: Baldi Sings Corrupted Hero Full Week [FNF Mod/HARD/Pibby Baldi]

6.Friday Night Funkin’ VS Pibby Dee Dee (FNF X PIBBY) | Come Learn With Pibby

7.Friday Night Funkin’: VS Pibby Phineas [Last Summer] – FNF Mod/Fanmade Pibby Corrupted Mod

8.Friday Night Funkin’ New Pibby Rigby Full Week + Cutscenes | Come Learn With Pibby x FNF Mod


  1. Why is corrupted twilight sparkle has a power on her horn

  2. Twilight sparkle is shooting a glitch on her horn

  3. Hear this the corrupted friends from twilight sparkle

  4. Where almost to the corrupted smoke em out

  5. Wait a minute smoke em out is a corrupted

  6. Why did he has a cigarette on his whole hand

  7. When i join in the game of among us when i see corrupted smoking

  8. Corrupted baldi and slapping with the ruler

  9. I love how you also made pinkypie! 💃 she's my favourite pony👏

  10. Ur drawings so cool i can't even like u do!btw nice video new subscriber 👌💛

  11. Omg Is So Fantastic Drawings 👍!

  12. Can anyone tell me the 6th character

  13. It's sooo goood I like it and it's like real ☺️☺️

  14. Yo when you where drawing the character and you color them then they look phd

  15. No puedo creer q quieran cancelar este dibugito tan bueno son unos idiotas los q lo quieran cancelar 😡

  16. Ficou lindo, mas tu esqueceu do batom do Baldi's tu só pintou a boca

  17. 당신은 얼마나 멋진가요💖💖❤️

  18. VC deveria ir para um concursonde quem e a melhor.PQ VC FAIS ISSO MUITOOOOOO LINDOOOO

  19. Baldy‘s copying of a song I forgot who it was from….

  20. WoW es un talento el que tienes :0 que hermosooo 😀

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