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Drawing Friday Night Funkin’ X Realistic Draw / Sky / Selever / Zardy / Carol

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00:00 Sky
05:10 Selever
08:30 Zardy
12:10 Carol
16:00 Ending


🎨Caran d’acher
🎨Faber Castell polychromos 120 cores
🎨Paper Lana Bristol 180g
🎨Pentel Graphite 0.3
🎨Copic Makers

⌚ REAL TIME: 7 hours 51 minute


# Fridaynightfunkin #fnf #fnfmod


  1. I love selever so much 😻❣️😻😻❣️😻❣️😻❣️

  2. ⁦ლ💜بنفسجيه💜 افتون ⁦ლ« says:

    هل أنتي عربيه ؟

  3. Awesome art You did it looks great, I really enjoy your Art content!!

  4. Cara parabéns de verdade sua arte é incrível queria eu algum dia desenhar assim!

  5. this is more interesting dude🇵🇭❤️❤️🇵🇭

  6. I love it! Selever was probably my favorite one. Nice job on all of them though 👍

  7. Eu gosto muito muito muito muito muito muito muito do friday

  8. blue sky XD💙 la pendejita uwu💗 says:

    L love it Selever! You are god very god💗

  9. Can you do the part 33 of drawing FNF mods

  10. Video so great and interesting Willd and God grant you health and you perfect painter bloger in youtube and we love you Willd👍😊🎄❄💖!!!

  11. Awwww I loved the Sky one and I was waiting for it good job I loved it❤❤❤

  12. the legend charater: boyfriend, girlfriend, tabi,agoit, kirby, ALL DOORS CHARATER EVEN FLOOR 2, boxy boo, bunzo bunny, mommy long legs, all rainbow friends charater even chapter 2, tricky, plant vs zombie, Lankybox, all youtuber charater

  13. and yo bro selever real life face is looks like a real life hacker face

  14. and Y real life selever haven't wings like friday night funkin selever?

  15. O mais gato é o Selever, pqp q delician

  16. А можешь сделать то же самое,но только с Таки 🙏🙏

  17. Willd parabéns por esta arte bem realista eu dou a nota 10 muito bom

  18. Faz o Zardy em diferentes estilos

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