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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ week 5 chrismas update mod! EVIL Mom vs Survivor Tabi Final Battle!

This episode happens some time after hex’s week!

This fnf mod adds a creepy lemon demon version of the bf as well as the gf from the new week 5 christmas update. This weeks of the mod is against Tabi!

Tabi was heading to the shelter he got told to but a surprise was prepared for him!

It is currently a work in progress, subscribe for more updates!

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This episode was based in:

OG Mod: PhantomFear
Corruption+ (this mod): Carlito049
bgs by me
The destroyed speakers are from the tabi’s og mod
Dad’s dwp is the og chrom
Cutscene and cutscene theme by me
Mom sprites by me using her og flas and with help of Anthony’s corrupted mom fla for expanded

Tabi’s sprites by me using his og flas
Icons by me using the original ones
arrows are from tabi’s mod (will be used for his week)
Recorrupted Pico sprites by me using his og flas and the vs. online mod flas
Recorrupted Darnell sprites by me using Rechi’s Darnell as a base

Corrupted nene sprites by me using this flas as a base:

NEW SONG (Blistering Wretchedness) by Carlito049

INTERLUDE SONG / FANARTS SECTION (The Condemned) by Carlito049!

Tabi chrom:

(I may be wrong, correct if that’s the case please)
GF sf2 by LoganMcOff
Mom dwp is the og chrom
Same with bf
Pico’s and Darnell’s chroms by me
I also used week 8 pico chrom

nene chrom by

Tabi og sprites by

Tabi is currently owned by:

GF sprites by me using her og flas.
Mom and Gf VA by…

I also used some of Pincer’s voice segments:

Tabi VA by me

Bf sprites by me using his fla files
Darnell’s laugh by mexd
Overlay event by The_Conenter
Stage sprites by me
I used this notesplashes:

Cassandra’s sprites by me using her og flas by Ramen Noodiles
Cassandra og mod by Ramen Noodiles
Jerrgirl – Cassandra’s Og Sprite animation help
The images shown at 4:12 are from phantom’s videos
Mom Possessed Darnell chromatic by me (the one used at 5:58) Do you wanna use them on covers, etc?
here, take the dwp, just give me credits (♡v♡⁠)

I used these scripts:

And that should be all the credits needed, correct me if wrong


  1. As long as tabi becomes corruption Pico and Darnell goes to the church to find the whereabouts of SARVENTE to become CORRUPTION

  2. BLISTERING WRETCHEDNESS describes all of corruption + this will not be ignored. Amazing job Carlito and Variety

  3. cassandra will prob uncourrpt because shes was in the middle of the battle and damaged from the start 🙂 since bf and gf got uncourrpted why wouldnt cassandra

  4. Holy carlisto49 this is amazing the voice acting is great also the fact that tabi let himself get corrupted jeez i cant wait to see what next also are you planning to remaster hexes week at some point 🤔.

  5. One thing I've noticed….if the majority of corrupted individuals are in one place….is it possible to pick them off? Or better yet. Avoid the massive group?

  6. Para mí esta ha sido la mejor week por lejos las canciones son muy buenas el diseño de evil Tabi es bueno mejor de lo que esperaba lo único malo es que desperdiciadon la oportunidad de meter a evil tankman o hex pero al menos aparecieron evil darle y nene XD me gusta que halla una pista de quien es el siguiente sobreviviente pero bueno apuesto que podrían ser Sunday ayana o upike una pregunta van a aparecer las formas Nexus

  7. 0:57 Better scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelet. AyEr

    Jokes aside, I loved this mod. Also really digging that corrupted Tabi sprite. Likely the best I've seen in any corruption mod.

  8. I must admit, I like this concept for the corruption characters more than most, in that individually, many of them seem like they could likely be overpowered, but their numbers make things the problem.
    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Me encanto la canción los sprites los diálogos mejoraste mucho Carlito 😊😊

  10. Can you make these mods downloadable, that's great because

  11. Hey man cool video here eveb tho It's a shame the corruption won yet again despite Tabi putting up a good foght but anyways do you remember my suggestion.

  12. Cassandra is oofed? She didn't wake up in all the video

  13. He carlisto49 it's me Aiden again o got a request if you plan to remaster any of tabi,s song can you remaster blistering wrechedness i don't mean it in a bad way im just saying it could do with a remaster i hope a didn't hurt you feeling,s man i really do.

  14. Bro imagine costing the world a chance of getting saved just because you're holding a grudge. Besides that, it’s interesting how in the dialogue Tabi practically tells Mearest that he would rather be corrupted than help her.

  15. at the end when tabi was completely corrupted it was the father's voice

  16. On the minute 6:04 sounds like the music estranged from the day 2 of evil gf vs bf

  17. with this, i wonder if darnell on the vs cassandra week got a remastered skin

    oh man, phantomfear should comment on this

  18. I suspect the corruption on Tabi allowed it to manipulate their mental state. It's certainly possible that Tabi was that dumb when blind with rage, that they decided the entire world should fall, but I am leaning towards the corruption doing it. Didn't expect Mearest to break free for this song, and it made things much more interesting.

  19. Bro literally hears mommy mearest asking for help and the first thing he says is asking did she see what her husband did to him

  20. C'était incroyable c'est qui contre qui la prochaine fois et s'il te plaît ne dira pas très longtemps j'aime bien tes vidéos comme ça continue encore😊😊😮❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Est-ce que la prochaine fois tu pourras faire agodi contre tapis❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Wow im VERY late but…your voice acting was amazing. Also god i love the fact that tabi quit fighting just to help the corruption to finish off mm, very creative ^^

    Miku in corruption + when? /j

  23. If Nene can sing why didn't she help Darnell when he fought Pico?

  24. To be honest i kinda love that tabi was SO petty instead of helping he just throws the match to give MM the biggest middle finger

  25. The ONLY SONG where bf is singing just so happens to be the finale to my FAVORITE fnf mod character THANK YOU SO MUCH

  26. This is one of the best corruption mod I’ve ever seen and that fact that GF literally had to call backup just to defeat one person is a strong way to show how much hatred tabi has.All I have to say is amazing job and your work has been extraordinary and I hope you are doing well❤💙

  27. Carlitos también pon los subtitulos en español xd algunos no sabemos ni los diálogos en inglés xd

  28. It seems to me that if Tabi had listened to his dear mother, they would have been able to get rid of the infection

  29. queria pregunta esto desde el day 2 ¿QUE C4R6J8S ERA ESA COSA QUE SE MOVIA EN LA OREJA DE CASSANDRA DURANTE EL DAY 2?

  30. I love these,like there fire, just, I feel like you could change up the ending a bit, it always ends up like they uncorrupt then the whole gang shows and corrupts them. Other than that yeah this IS FIRE FR 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. I hope tabi breaks out i don't want his story to end like this

  32. Surely now there's no hope for the world, r-right?


  33. Si whitty estuviera en el lugar de tabi,el haria lo mismo? o sólo lo haria con DD

  34. Just liek you did with vs corrupted darnell post cutscene, upload the piano pls


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