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Everything We Know About the Upcoming Funkin’ Update!

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From leaks to old tweets we cover EVERYTHING we know about the highly anticipated update to the NewGrounds rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’. Take a journey with me as I uncover information that isn’t actually hidden at all lmao.

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0:00 The Intro
0:44 The Leaks
3:21 What’s Actually Coming
5:50 Additions to the Engine
8:40 Production Itself
12:46 Extra Facts!
14:00 Theories and Guesses

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  1. Can you do versus Flippy next please I'm begging you I've been waiting for this for a while and hopefully he will read this comment because you said that you will

  2. 6:23 I was thinking about this the other day. Nice to see I’m not the only one

  3. Base Game FNF has an un-replicable energy that all mods lack. It feels so pure and full of passion

  4. Don’t ya mean “Everything We Know About The Upcoming Funkin’ Update That Will Never Come Out?”

  5. Pico, Tankman, Hank and Cassette girl were promised to be playable characters

  6. 3:05 i love how like literally most people who don't have twitter don't know why you mentioned sticky notes or put perry the platypus in the corner of the screen lmaoo

    great video as always dark!

  7. I hope this update makes the game super popular again. I miss when the only thing people would talk about on the internet was this game.

  8. 3 months later. Hololive or nonsense would be good

  9. I have a theory. Boyfriend probably lives somewhere in Pennsylvania. Well because Newgrounds is headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA & Week 3 takes place in Philadelphia so they might live around there.

  10. Facts about Sunday seliver and cassette girl

  11. I forgot this game existed entirely-

  12. It's been so long since week 7 was released i don't really care about the game anymore

  13. Ok great now knowing we werent just left in the dark lol.
    Also i can understand not all songs being given erect remixes, i just hope the songs that dont get a remix arent exactly very important or that the song is so good it dosent need a remix.

  14. FNF idea: What if there was a boss battle that if you sing right you attack with your mic and damage the boss's healthbar and if you don't hit dodge notes, your healthbar goes down, and you die, and the song is a looping track with 2 sections (1 normal, and the other one a pinch mode like Sonic Advance)

  15. It’s funny that they made a joke about how FNF is better than geometry dash and now they are about to let 2.2 come out before week 8 💀

  16. if youre gonna make another 10 things, make it the basement show's

  17. Glad its still alive , and thanks for the information!

  18. I can’t wait for the update, everything sounds amazing! I love FNF, not just the mods but the base game. I played it over and over when it was new and it’s held a place in my heart since. I’m sure this’ll be an amazing experience no matter what the devs do.

  19. I love Fnf, me and my friends where planing on making a small, not that good, mod for the game, but the sprites are to big and excel the pixel limit. If anyone can help, that would be great. ( please tell us how to shrink the sprites but keep them the quality there at now)

  20. Really needed this video I was totally lost on the fnf situation thanks man

  21. Kinda sad that the fake leaker for the songs are acctually a great musician. I loved one of their album series

  22. I actually thought you were making a new imposter V4 video

  23. It’s hilarious how boyfriend loves gogurts and much as me i would smuther those things down my throat 🗿

  24. Personally, the more time we give the funkin team the better the final game will be,

  25. 5:25 I Personally Think That These Animations Are From The FNF Health Bar's Heads When The Character's Doing Better Or Worse Than Their Opponent

  26. We need to get ItsTwoKay/PlumJamSpam to help with FNF!


  28. Why is no one talking about hank? Whos hoping theres more madness weeks?

  29. Hey Darknebolian, can you please cover these 3 mods in your next 10 things about…
    1.Wednesday's Infidelity
    2.Mad Virus Attack
    3.Breaker Bundle
    Like your video, and you had an amazing comeback. Bye.

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