Fandom react to Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross / Friday Night Funkin / FNF Mod -

Fandom react to Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross / Friday Night Funkin / FNF Mod

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Fandom react to Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross / Friday Night Funkin / FNF Mod

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  1. Bro i could hear bendy mouse fucking dying

  2. A boyfriend le dieron la paliza de su vida pero pobresito lo desmantelaron

  3. Secret there jzboy at behind background when bendy just stand and did sing just for sec

  4. Bf: show middle finger at bendy
    Bendy: so you have choosen death?

  5. 33:13 когда друг не вернуль сотку на киви

  6. This was awesome you should have them react to venom vs crona or Batman vs iron man on death battle

  7. Make them react to the bonus song in this mods

  8. Omg the ending of Bendys one was so brutal o-o

  9. Could they react to sans vs bendy remastered

  10. Fun fact: Cuphead and Bendy stronger than Sans

  11. Make them react to indie cross v1 sans genocide ending

  12. Do the bonus songs genocide route and the nightmare songs
    PLEASE DO TEH FREAKING NIGHTMARE SONGS IVE BEGGED EVERYONE WHO DID A gacha life react to indie cross to do it and no one has done it yet all I want is a cup a blue haired rapper a skeleton and a ink demon to see tougher versions of them rap teh blue haired rapper

  13. If I’m right about my theory of foxy being a possible addition to indie cross in the future I bet there’s going be a cutscene like this
    Foxy it seems your time has almost run out
    Freddy Bonnie and chica charge at bf but the Same barrier from sans and Bendys weeks came back and blocked them
    foxy wut… never mind never underestimate a pirate or a fox for that matter
    Second song begins
    For the first song after bendy bf ends up at fazbears and rests up in the office TEH clock shows 11:45 it then jumps to a mini montage of bf wandering around then heading back to the office but while he’s going back it strikes 12:00 ( it’s THE second night by the way he’s in front of pirates cove ) foxy opens his curtain and laughs like he did in the beginning cutscene before cuphead and then bf holds his mic out a mini version of the red portal gives foxy a mic and then the first starts
    The third song is similar to frisk and chara the rest of the fazbear crew keep trying to get in then golden Freddy appears and screams ( this song would have golden Freddy notes like bendys ink notes but instead of ink it’s static and screaming ) then the third song starts
    simple to Bonnie in fnf FNAF one foxy had enough and chases bf to the office bf tries the door but it’s jammed since foxy is a inch through it ( based on how after a bit the doors might jam when a animatronic is in just waiting for you to raise the camera) bf then finds a fake sword (there is then blade notes you have to hit those to parry foxys hook ) then the final song starts
    Nightmare foxy would have a joke song and the real song the joke song is teh nightmare foxy from fnaf4 the real being foxy but colored like the nightmare indie trio
    Sorry for all the tehs I’m just getting a quick thought out

  14. There is a different ending for sans if you attack him, you should make them react to it

  15. There's a genocide route if you attack sans

  16. Can we get a reaction to the nightmare songs from this mod ?

  17. Pucha que soy estúpido, no reconocía a Hajime hasta que la parte de Bendy JAJAJAJAJA

  18. Part 2 for extras and nightmare songs pls

  19. You know the other need to know the bonus song righ?
    Cuz why not? I know there are just bonus song but still can you react to them?

  20. Don't forget about the bonus songs and Nightmare songs in freeplay

  21. 37:47 i like it that everyone is sad and worried but sans is angry at bendy since in indie cross theyre friends.

  22. Make they react to the Indie cross Nightmare songs please 🥺

  23. 30:55 XD stickman in the back so in that animation thats why bendy took so long i get it now

  24. 《孤勇者》
    去吗 配吗
    战吗 战啊

  25. Haha Jzboy Join The Mod Of Indi Cross

  26. ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/elizeid de mejor

    1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos

    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo

    Sorprendente .

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