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(Fanmade build) Friday Night Funkin’ MARIO IS MISSING: VS PS135 | Mario Mix V4 (FNF Mod/Peach/Luigi)

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Friday Night Funkin’ MARIO IS MISSING: VS PS135 (Fanmade build/Cancelled) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod made by Antreys Team:
FireMarioFan – Owns Mario Mix:

A mod concept revolving around putting a Mario spin on many beloved fnf songs. They added Mario elements to songs like Sonic.exe Songs, Doomsday, Triple Trouble, etc. They also have their own original songs like Beatbox & Hear it cry.

The Mario we see in the story mode is actually P135 and that Mario’s design is based on the powerup incrementation, it was a glitch in Super Mario World that turns you into Disco Mario. Will Boyfriend be able to these Mario characters or will BF lose to them? And where is Girlfriend? Where could GF be?

Mario Mix V4: VS PS135 Download link:

Game Note by Antreys: BF has now entered…HIS Forest of Illusion This is a fan-mod of Mario Mix, Mario Mix is owned by FireMF with many characters being owned by them! We just made a mod out of it for the fun of it! Hope you enjoy.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS PS135, Mario Mix V4 Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview (New songs)
01:53 Message (Fanmade build is canceled, but the official Ver is still in the works)
02:21 Intro
02:30 Title Screen
02:41 Menu
02:46 Week List
02:54 1) Illusion Song (VS Mario Phase 1)
03:56 Laughs
04:52 Talks
06:07 Game Over
06:14 2) Time attack Song (VS Mario Phase 2)
06:27 P135 Reveals himself
07:38 16bit battle
08:05 Come here!
08:32 Luigi helps P135
09:10 Why won’t you die?!
09:17 3) Mario Is Missing Song
09:20 VS Luigi
11:05 VS P135
11:32 VS Princess Peach
13:16 P135 (2)
14:09 VS Yoshi & Oogtar
16:09 P135 & Luigi.exe
16:34 P135 & Peach.exe
16:58 P135 & Yoshi/Oogtar
17:34 Everyone Takes a Turn
17:55 Freeplay | All Songs
18:23 4) Mirror Mode | NEW (PS135 vs Mario)
19:59 Luigi
20:16 Peach
21:04 Confronting yourself 16bit
21:27 PS135 Laughs
21:43 Yoshi & Oogtar
22:01 1 on 1
22:15 Say Goodbye Mario!
22:48 Last Stand
23:08 5) Ice Cold Cake | NEW (Fake Peach vs Luigi)
23:41 Baker reveals herself
25:18 Reference
26:11 6) Disk-Driven DSI | NEW (VS Charles Mariotinet)
28:16 Let’s-a-go!
28:42 Okay
28:51 7) Powered Up | NEW
29:57 Fake Mario
30:19 P135 Reveals himself, & Charles is mad
31:15 Sounds cool
32:40 8) Power Rush | NEW (VS G0nzales)
34:27 Gabriella Appear
36:11 9) Denounced | NEW (VS Framed)
37:20 It’s a…It’s been a bit rough lately (Fludd Appear)
37:41 Don’t worry, we’ll charge you up soon
38:58 That was… fun! how about we charge my friend and try again!
39:10 10) Running (VS MX)
39:27 Innocent doesn’t get you far!
39:59 Lucas helps BF
41:41 11) Soup (VS Morio.mov)
42:28 His moment
43:48 End
43:55 12) Punk (VS Hotmetal)
45:29 Awesome Phase 2
45:58 ??
46:57 Do not steal!
47:05 13) Death | NEW
48:12 Phase 2
49:00 Phase 3
50:08 14) Crank (VS Rapper Mario)
51:35 Becoming intense
52:41 15) Dire Attempt 2401 Song (Luigi Sinking)
53:37 Mario helps Luigi
54:21 Luigi Sinks
55:02 Boo Grabs Luigi
56:20 Game Over
56:31 16) Hear its cry Song (Blood Whistle Creepypasta)
57:46 Mario Scream
58:17 Hear it cry!
58:56 17) Looking for Moms (Luigi vs Mommy Mearest)
01:00:21 She skips & BF Appear
01:02:17 18) Insert | NEW (VS FireMarioFan)
01:04:08 Broken
01:05:01 Reference
01:05:52 Reference
01:06:14 Animation 1
01:06:29 19) Beatbox | NEW (Mario vs Sonic)
01:07:11 Fire Mario
01:07:40 Animation 2
01:07:56 Round 2
01:09:01 Super Sonic
01:09:29 20) Disk-driven Song
01:12:22 21) Toasty Beats | NEW (VS Hotal Mario & Luigi)
01:13:27 Cool Solo
01:14:24 Instructions
01:14:40 Hey you!
01:15:27 22) Disperazione | NEW (Waluigi vs BF)
01:15:38 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Logo
01:16:50 Assist Trophy
01:17:36 Back to normal
01:19:23 Waluigi Scream
01:19:45 He can’t take it anymore
01:19:56 Credit
01:20:52 All Game Over Animations (Full Theme)
01:25:14 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Mario Mix V4 below
Mario Mix V4 (Mid Cutscenes!) Credit link:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. I saw the name “framed” and said W H A T W A S H E F R A M E D F O R

  2. That Mario with the boy behind hem easy needlemouse

  3. And now I see Luigi as tails reference to triple trouble

  4. Third reference is tripe trouble Luigi is tails Mario is xenophone

  5. Is the guy I was calling Luigi actually Mario or still luigi

  6. Прикольный мод

  7. That is a Deltarune reference right there in 1:05:01. That part of the soundtrack itself is my favorite.

  8. You now someting I now about g0nzel he has the same backstory like needle mouse

  9. I’m a Mario veteran and this is a certified Mario mod


  11. Mirror mode's game over theme is so beautiful i could cry.

  12. Is anyone gonna notice that PS135’s eyes are literally his tongue.


  14. Tupana Torti y sus amigos facheros Apodo:Betzamber says:

    Talks : Boyfrend beep booop

  15. toasty beats reminds me of hedgehog stew 😀

  16. 19 though kills for excitement since love verbalases beatboxsinxw o try to go as many livestreams of new episodes as I can 😀

  17. This makes me wanna give a teaser for our mod: Funkin in the Forest of Illusion's

  18. MX seems to be the only creepy pasta character that actually likes to Rap with BF 🤣

  19. The Fnf community went down because all awesome mods got cancelled. If this game mods is cancelled every time this game will go down to unpopular game idk

  20. Framed was the only nice person he is a good boi

  21. I love how they added Undertoad's Revolution to 9:23! All the small little details make it better

  22. I feel like ps135 should be in Mario’s madness, not with his own song but at least as a background character

  23. Everytime a mod like sounding really cool like you know 31:17 at the cool moment first then hear it until it finishes it’s like you fall in your adventure lol

  24. Honestly, I think the new 2401 Mario is a bit of an improvement, as in the version I saw before, Mario looked more like Simpleflips than Mario

  25. I can't wait to see people make a Four way fracture or Omnipresent mix with PS135 and co! 🤩🤩🤩


  27. I thought for Fake Peach's moves are
    Down pulls a trunop
    Up wheres Mario's hat
    And right she holds Perry with a X for eyes with a smile

  28. I did one script for this, thanks for playing this lol!

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