Final Triple Encore High Effort | Friday Night Funkin' -

Final Triple Encore High Effort | Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Triple Trouble Encore remix mod showcase!
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Final Triple mod:

Triple Final Timestamps:
00:00 – Preview
00:13 – Intro
00:24 – Tails alive
00:48 – No Tails alive
01:55 – White
02:21 – Xenophanes encore 1st
02:50 – Knuckles
03:03 – Fleetway
04:35 – no more GF Xenophanes 2nd
05:28 – Eggman and Metal sonic
07:23 – Super Metal Sonic
08:10 – Xenophanes with Lord X
09:47 – Sad
09:56 – Sanic and Sunky appear
11:35 – Good ending
11:40 – Outro

modiey – coder , animator
Meridian3455 – code help
ROZY – charter
sonic.exe v3 – the original mod
I_Occasionally_Sunk – tails encore sprite
wubbzyfan – ring stuff
triple trouble remaster – broken metal
bad future – super metal
4rrth_ – sanic reskin
Paveletor16 – tails rush sprite
smash bandicood – remix
MCDroxiter – cover help

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

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  1. 🐉 Alternate Shiroverse Prince Vegeta (Future) 🐉 says:


  2. Everyone talks about how xeno has more crystals. But are we ever gonna talk about those pearly whites in his mouth? I swear, they used to be more purple.

  3. The sonic is very cool how sick man omg 4,5/5

  4. This song has potential, but the notes of each of the characters sounds too choppy. Usually, the sound after each note permeates for a short second, but here, it is cut off. Also, the Eggman/Metal Sonic part just does not sound good IMO. The first part has botched vocals, and I don't like the laughs used (especially the AUUGGHH, this ain't no meme track!) Other than that, the song is perfectly fine, but just needs some tweaking in certain areas. 6/10

  5. bruh how the hell can anybody do that charting you cant pass it

  6. i just realized that metal's laugh is a "AAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH'" sound LOL

  7. If you somehow piss of the 2 most powerful people in the universe yeah. You probably deserve to be demolished. (Those people being sunky and sanic.)

  8. 7:238:10 only people who watch other triple trouble remixes will know where this comes from.

  9. What would be cool is the corrupted bf came in and killed xenofanes tail's soul fleetway knuckles soul lordx metal.exe and eggman soul

  10. Am i the Only or when metal Sonic laugh Is like the "AAAUUGGGHHH" meme?

  11. Санки настоящий бог и он хороший если подружиться сним яки саником он тоже добрый и можно тоже с ним подружиться клас❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I liked that Sunky and Sanic saved BF and GF
    9:02 Reach for the Stars reference.

  13. It's really good that MLGs come to save bf and gfs life they are grateful for them

  14. So comments, how do you think fleetway died? (Also, I will read the replies to this when I get a notification from a like. Not trying to farm likes, it's just the only way to know)

  15. Ok in my opinion Sunky and Sanic's part is the least good part compared to the others.

  16. the fact bf is still happy after tails died infront of him

  17. How u ruin my fav part of eggmans part bru

  18. Why are GFs boobs like covered? Is it like abit much boobs or just so it would look cool?


  20. You know when your doomed when you make Sanic and Sunky mad.

  21. You know your done for when sunky and sanic come up and there angry

  22. 5:44 Oh no XD. When I heard this supposed sonic metal laugh I just remembered the meme that the guy is sleeping and making the sound ''AUUHHHHHHHGGGGG''

  23. 7:24 is a reference when u battle metal sonic in sonic 4 episode 2

  24. I liked a lot of it, but the ending with the Surprise Butsecks, I feel like it could've been tweaked more to fit with the instrumental, or just replaced entirely.

  25. Imagine coldsteel in the end with sonic and sunky

  26. Metal sonic's laugh is literally a moan

  27. Finally after raping with all the exes xeno finally steps down again by comes with a different approach this time making tails good then he turns evil/dead surprising gf because this is her first time seeing them. after xeno knuckles appears then fleetway appears surprising bf but even more surprise when he sees him dead or damaged. xeno apperas again with gf head on a spike. egg man appears and with metal this time damaged then metal goes super this time aka trying to repair himself by using the emeralds but bf steals them. xeno calling lord x for help to make bf permanently dead but at the end sunky and sanic convince lord x and xeno to lev bf and gf alone and to revive them.

  28. I like how sunky and sanic appears and saves the day

  29. I knew someone would take my ideas sooner or later

  30. The beginning is definitely a bit rough.
    I would of just used the regular tune instead of making it sound like a putting in random notes and calling it a day.
    And i don't understand why they couldn't just take the BF's sprite from the mod itself and credited the Sprite artist since it was already finished.

    And before you say "they tried their best, don't be so mean" this is just Constructive Criticism

  31. did anyone else notice that metal sonics laugh is the "aaaaaaugh" meme?

  32. I just love the part of Sunky and Sanic is from the Yonk Remix aka Surprise B*ttsex

  33. Sunky and sanic fucking sing Surprise Buttsex lol

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