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FNAF in Friday Night Funkin? | FNF Mod (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

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You read that title right. I’m finally playing a Five Nights At Freddy’s Friday Night Funkin mod. So today we have FNAF vs FNF! Who will win? Let’s find out!

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0:00 – Ye Old Banter
13:28 – let’s get FNAF-y
1:08:50 – The Wrap Up

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  1. Hearing MatPat talk about the rhythm guy playing LoZ. In college, there was a large round room that me and a bunch of friends would hang out in between classes and after playing board/card/video games together. there was a tv in there that i would hook my laptop to the tv with and play on. we had a friend that had never played any of the older Metroid games so we had him play some of them while we watched and it was the most hilarious thing. he played alot of video games but for some reason he just couldnt handle some of the bosses. One of them was a spider that would just ping pong across the screen and the number of times he would just run straight into the bosses path would just leave us awestruck. we all had a good time heckling him (all in good spirit) when he failed the simplest bosses and rejoicing when he beat other (more difficult) bosses first time. it was such a good time. the room had couches that we would move into a sort of theater seating to watch him play

  2. Here's some recommendations for Ash for rhythm games. S, F, K, Semicolon. or something like that. I was here to help, but now it's time to disappear. bye bye!

  3. I'm surprised that he hasn't done Funkdela Catalog yet

  4. 13:28 first entering fnaf fnf

    15:52 cutscene 1
    19:21 cutscene 2

    35:08 cutscene 1
    37:34 cutscene 2
    40:08 cutscene 3

    43:40 cutscene 1
    46:19 cutscene 2
    48:35 cutscene 3

    52:26 cutscene 1
    54:48 cutscene 2
    1:04:33 cutscene 3

    hope this helps (:
    i was looking for comments of this for a while because i really liked the cutscenes so because i couldn’t find any i made it myself 😀
    Other edit:thanks so much for 46 likes I know it’s not a lot but it means a lot to me lol!

  5. This mod also has some extra songs in the Freeplay mode, just in case you guys ever want to come back to this.

  6. Small detail but, did anyone else see the purple Freddy to the left of Foxy during the second song?

  7. Matpat: Nobody cares about Gabriel or Fritz.
    Me: Guess us fans must be nobody then.

  8. You guys should play the Mandela Catalogue mod :>

  9. I was really hoping they would get to the part where Foxy comes in at the final song. The amount of parts that looked and sounded amazing that he missed is literally huge and so I hope he comes back to this mod at some point to finish what he started.

  10. Wow! This mod! It's great!
    …Except for where it's not.
    The idea of the new mechanics, awesome. Their actual implementation though? Rough. Maybe a bit more polishing so it's more of a gradual difficulty curve than a bipolar extremist pendulum swing? And fix a few bugs. You know, iterative improvements to make the world go round. But a clap and a half for a lot of great work!

  11. Matpat I got to tell you something if you skip levels the next one is just going to be harder

  12. I think Bonnie actually uses a five-string bass guitar…

  13. To make this easier for mat when playing a mod on psych engine you can press Ctrl on the Freeplay or week menus to use debug cheats like changing the score multiplier which does help if your new and use left and right keys to change it and up and down keys to see other useful things like botplay if it isn't in the pause menu

  14. Oh my god yes I was waiting for him to play this one!!!!! Yes!!!!!

  15. I use left hands Pointer Middle on AS and right Pointer Middle on up and right arrows

  16. You should play Roblox: Apeirophobia again, or maybe Roblox Piggy: The Result of Isolation.

  17. There's actually a series called Hypnosis Mic where dudes rap battle instead of fight physically and their raps deal psychic damage to their enemies

  18. Play Ourple guy V2, you'll definitely get a laugh out of the Lore V2 song

  19. does anybody know if there are more fnaf song based songs in the weeks like in freddy's week the 2nd song?

  20. Someone animated that whole thing in SFM dude.

  21. Pleaseeeeee finish Funkin at Freddy's mod I and many others wsnt you to hear the MatPat song

  22. matpat you should REALLY play Vs. Ourple Guy. youve played a fan mod that includes a song from it called Lore.

  23. Thumbnail changed three times. Maybe more. Maybe not at all. Maybe I’m being gaslighted right now. Maybe they can’t get it perfect enough.

  24. Hey, Ash! Try QWOP for your finger positions!

  25. I really want to see matpat play Funkin at Freddy’s, that would be amazing

  26. I can't sleep without my weighted blanket, I completely understand liking the heavy weights

  27. Second song for Freddy is fnaf song remixed

  28. MatPat: “We’re uploading this in a Friday”.

    Me On Thursday: “He Discovered Time Travel!”


  30. Why do i feel like i recognize all the songs? I feel like all of them are obsure remixes of obscure fan songs.

  31. A true fnaf fan would know bonnie plays the bass guitar, and thats why its got 5 knobs/j

  32. Mat ur cracked wit the keys 😭 and i also dont like 3D boyfriend

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