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FNAF in Friday Night Funkin? | FNF Mod (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

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You read that title right. I’m finally playing a Five Nights At Freddy’s Friday Night Funkin mod. So today we have FNAF vs FNF! Who will win? Let’s find out!

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0:00 – Ye Old Banter
13:28 – let’s get FNAF-y
1:08:50 – The Wrap Up

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  1. Golden Freddy would have been a perfect Starecrown opportunity. Boyfriend starts out singing sure enough, but then Golden joins right in; if his turns were just empty until half way through, it would have been a shock when he suddenly stood up with 50 seconds left.

    Looking it up, extended range Bass guitars can have four, five, or six strings, so that's plausible.

  2. Good finger position for DDR style games, "E" "F" "J" "I"
    This lets your finger bounce when you tap, and lets your hand maintain a curl.

  3. Anyone else notice Mattpat spends 90% of the video watching himself on the monitor?

  4. I played the mod before watching this video (downloaded and played from the link in the desc) and it is actually painful watching him play and fail the first weeks final song and move onto harder and harder songs and continue failing, its so hard being a pro at FnF mods and seeing all the common mistakes he's making, for example, he doesn't continue press notes while holding space. Its all something that can be improved on with skill, but thats just me. Lovely video either way and thank you for bringing this mod to my attention by making a video on it!

  5. Dude you have to continue from the weeks. you can't skip it you have to play it right to see the cutscenes and know the story.

  6. Easy to make fnf mod
    But it's hard to beat any fnf song

  7. So heading Ash’s question about why there only 5 strings. So I looked and a string instrument with 5 strings is a Banjo. I officially believe Bonny is playing an electric banjo and you can’t change my mind

  8. 1:10:44 best part was just hearing ash off camera just break out laughing. Whole episode of funny stuffy and it finally exploded out.

  9. Could you please play stay ,it's a really good game. I think you would like it 🙂

  10. honestly at this point I come more for the banter than the actual gaming, and this episode didn't disappoint, so thanks 😀
    (one of the few podcasts I'd listen to lol)

  11. Mat Pat should really check secret songs in the future

  12. matpat please play the new ourple guy v2 mod, it bangs

  13. i would like to recommend raising the fps cap, it gives you more frames and, from my experience, it helps with reaction time too

  14. You should play funkin at freddy's,its a really cool mod

  15. Looking at all of these FNAF FNF Crossovers. I'm really craving for a "Day Funk at Freddy's" Mod Parody. Can an Old Sport in The FNF or FNAF Community make that, please ???

  16. Merge the acronyms into Friday Nigth Funkin' at Freddys!

    Or FNFAF

  17. Anyone else realize the second song playing was the first fnaf song from the living tombstone

  18. please matpat you need to play vs ourple guy v2 PLEASE

  19. My mother just walked past me watching this and went "Is that blue's clues?". Im dying

  20. You should play the sonic.exe FNF mod there is a official canceled build that may be buggy but there also is the 2.0 version that Is bug free

  21. Am i the only one watching this video who loved this mod ?

  22. loving golden freddys flacid muppet flops during his rap battle

  23. Mat, you haven't finished funkin at Freddy's?!! You're missing the best mod ever when you only played a bit of it.

  24. MatPat, I am the copresident of a game club and we do similar events with video games and board games!

  25. day 2 of complaining for the lack of "see ya" at the end

  26. I know this is the wrong video to post this but I have a theory. I have the twisted ones graphic novel but it looks like they are the nightmare animatronics and not the Funtime animatronics

  27. I clicked this video without much hope cause I'm not the biggest fan of live stream highlights, Friday night Funkin', or shoving fnaf where fnaf shouldn't be (like FNF)…I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!

  28. Oh this is one of the few FNF things I've played! I Loved the songs but I have learned that I hate when FNF introduces one button and you lose mechanics, it is just more frustrating than fun. Still, this was a great mod and in particular I loved Bonnie and Foxy's songs.

  29. Anyone else notice at 20:15 mins in they start rapping a fnaf fan song, fnaf 1 by living tombstone

  30. Will MatPat turn into a pro in this game one day?
    idk, maybe…


  31. this is great but im a bit sad mat didn't pick up on the references to the FNAF songs. so many great cameos

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