FNF: Big Gumball Joke Mod / Robinson' Rumble [BOTPLAY] █ Friday Night Funkin' – mods █ - currygoatrevenge.com

FNF: Big Gumball Joke Mod / Robinson’ Rumble [BOTPLAY] █ Friday Night Funkin’ – mods █

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Rumble the Rumbling Rumble in this rumble rumble!

Face against Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Gaylord Rob and characters like in the original movie!

Tip: don’t die

There are more chatacters in the freeplay menu like in Gumball videogames.

It follows the anime and it has songs i think.

I won’t add updates btw.
(Description of the game)

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[Friday Night Funkin’]


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0:00 Intro
1:05 Main Menu
1:12 All songs (Freeplay)
1:22 All weeks
1:28 Tutorial
3:40 Impossible song “Youre-just-bad”
4:43 Death Screen (Boyfriend Dies)
5:12 ??? week
5:17 Animation 1
5:29 Song “Rude”
8:04 Song “Unrusted”
10:28 Animation 2
10:41 Song “Faithless”
13:16 Animation 3
13:28 Song “Death”
15:45 Animation 4 (Boyfriend won?)
15:53 Alt Week
15:59 Animation 5 (4k Ultra HD)
16:12 Song “Rude-Old”
17:35 Animation 6
17:43 Song “Unrusted-Old”
19:23 Dialogue 1
19:32 Song “Faithless-Old”
21:37 Dialogue 2
21:45 Song “Death-Old”
24:50 Animation 7
25:36 Song “Red-Guy”
29:08 Song “Weird”
31:30 Song “Eternal-Employee”
34:52 Song “Jojo-reference-OMG”
38:09 Song “Nemesis”
41:01 Cutscene/dialogue in the song
41:29 Song “Incoming-Message”
45:26 Song “Cereal-Theft”
45:31 Animation 8 (Creepy)
45:49 Song “Cereal-Theft”
48:15 The special end of the song
48:21 Song “Be-Yourself”
51:36 Song “Freedom”
55:34 Song “Ballistic”
58:13 Song “Jelously”
1:01:29 Song “Neightbourhood-Rage” (VS Squidward)
1:04:40 Song “Epic-Cat-Battle” (VS Garfield)
1:08:13 Song “Go-ball”
1:09:14 Song “Anger-Issues”
1:12:01 Song “Fire”
1:13:50 Song “Spooke”
1:17:51 Song “Xmas”
1:20:47 The end screen in the song
1:20:51 Death Screens
1:21:19 Outro

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  1. 54:49 So I Can Siiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggg🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  2. What happend to cartoon called like stinky and fartin fnf😳

  3. i found a secret, press 7 in any song and you will go to the secret song "Trolled"

  4. Dude, what else needs to be said. This dude continued umballs legacy BY THIS FAR. Everything actual fits the joke tone.

    By far literally..

    Just wow..

    More than what I've been looking for. I wasn't even asking. This is amazing.


  6. GF in spooke is every gf reskin in sonic exe mods ever

  7. 8:09 why does the chapters say that this song is called uNRusted if the song is called uNTRusted

  8. 😇😇😇😇🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 حلوه

  9. Gumball and Darwin staring at you like they know your IP address

  10. Gumballs fantastic land was my part of the fnf yame

  11. Why is the song Weird the only one that legit looks amazing?

  12. me hace acordar al mod joke de homero

  13. they TOTALLY could've done a serious mod because those pixel animations were clean as hell lmao

  14. Why gf is thick 💀💀💀💀💀

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