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FNF Chasing But Everyone Sings it (Tails.EXE Chasing but different characters sing)

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Hello Everyone! Today I’ll show you my cover of the Legacy Version of Chasing But Everyone Sings it. Chasing But Every Turn a different character sings.

Song Composer: teles –

Mods Used:
VS Tails.exe –
VS Glitched Legends V2 –
VS Sonic.EXE: The Spirits of Hell – (By SMV5)
VS Alphabet Lore –
VS Bunzo Bunny –
VS Huggy Wuggy –
VS Boxy Boo –
Q character by marbad13
Thanos by Yogiartstudios
VS Rainbow Friends –
VS Rainbow Friends 1.5 (Fanmade):
Chainsaw Man VS SWORD –
VS Impostor V4 –

Check out Godnoob443 for playable characters –

Rainbow Friends Chromatic –


Friday Night Funkin Chasing
Friday Night Funkin Termination
Friday Night Funkin Rainbow Friends
Friday Night Funkin Expurgation But Every Turn a Different Character Sings it
FNF Rainbow Friends But everyone sings it
FNF Casanova But everyone sings it
FNF Ballistic But everyone sings it
FNF Ugh But everyone sings it
Alphabet Lore But Every Turn a different cover is used. But different character sings it.

Thanks For Watching!
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  1. Amazing BETADCIU!! The Boxy Boo part was cool! Great job and welcome back again, SHAvibe!!

  2. You can do some cover of the songs of the vs dave and bambi 3.0 or vs dave and bambi golden apple 1.2 please

  3. hey vibe it's been a really long time. i was formally alphablood119 when we talked years ago.

  4. Please come back to rolling sky it updated again. I loved ur rs vids 🙁

  5. Bro There's A New Rolling Sky Level,And Dancing Line Is Also Coming Back

  6. I own you 999 million dollars if you do ending seasons from pibby bfdi mod please

  7. Pls play goblin town from rolling sky. Rolling sky is officially back

  8. Cool cover , Great job SHAvibe 👍👍👍❤

  9. How did you get the Black Imposter Finale Soundfont :0

  10. 0:31 this is the best coincidence ever on betadcius considering we're on SiIvaGunner's 7th Anniversary so this fuels the '7 Grand Dad?! Flintstones?!' meme LOL

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  12. Me encantan tus videos solo que demoran mucho

  13. I’m still waiting for the new video of the Rolling Sky Bonus 38 level

  14. I mean no offense but you kinda fell off imo

  15. Amazing job, great way to start off the new year.

  16. そういえばローリングスカイが復活しましたよ

  17. Since both RS and DL are coming back ,you could make a separate channel for those games and continue fnf content for this channel.

  18. 1:41 a good way to start putting Black Impostor V4 finale version in but everyone sings it bless you SHAvibe bless you

  19. Bro bonus 38 (Goblin Town) was out long time a go and I’m still confused abt u didn’t make a video abt it why ?

  20. A new stage has appeared in rolling sky!

  21. When this video got recommended to me and saw a alphabet lore character in the thumbnail I instantly unsubscribed and if anyone hates me idc this channel was my favourite before fnf cringe showed up and now it’s starting with this channel I don’t want this channel becoming cringe with alphabet lore and rainbow friends and poppy playtime and all that stuff that I hate that I don’t want to be on this channel

  22. Hi today we are rolling sky a new vision:golbin town

  23. 0:52 kyooo kyoooo kyooo kyoooo kyo kyo kyo kyo kyo kyoo kyoo kyoo kyooo kyoo kyoo kyoo

  24. Hey man can I give you some advice? Please stop using overrated characters (rainbow friends, poppy playtime, alphabet lore). Also please make a cover of new songs instead of the old ones.

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