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FNF Confronting Yourself But Every Turn A New Character Sings It – Friday Night Funkin’ Animation

Fera Animations
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Cover song in “everyone sings” fashion by Blantados
OG video:

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  1. I like this reference of confronting yourself

  2. I really loved the animation of confronting yourself I loved the part 2:43 I really liked the part of sasha and tom good video I love your videos and these deserve a line

  3. Ирина спешит на помощь says:

    Хочу: Powerpuff girls vs Powerpunk girls animation. Сделай пожалуста

  4. 👌👌👌💟👌👌👌

  5. ik all references do you know them all?

  6. Yay! Someone did Cuphead Show x FNF! I will do a one

  7. I like it when TaeYai is warning blantados that he's doomed. That's why I love Taeyai so much

  8. At 0:27….
    Dust Sans:More CARROT,Chara!
    Chara:With Pleasure*Bring Huge Carrot*
    UI Sans and Me:WHAT THE (BEEP) Are they Doing??!

  9. Oh wait this cover is from blantados guess he will be proud of u to make his cover into a animation

  10. Wow did u just put all references "cuphead show"?

  11. this is amazing i also love how you based it on the cuphead show

  12. What was the point of Cuphead? Its not bad but in my opinion i expected the actual "confront yourself"

  13. full?!?!? yeeeeeeeahh!!!!!
    Good job, fera!!!!
    I love this anime!!!!

  14. That is so Damn cool. It’s awesome that you make full songs this time

  15. bro i love this so much for all of the references

  16. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

  17. 0:22 Just when I thought your cringey, clickbait content couldn't get any worse, you make THESE monstrosities.

  18. This animation gives me a stroke, stage 4 cancer, dementia and the urge to bang my head against my table until i pass out

  19. Hay muchas referencias al "The Cuphead Show" epica animacion

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