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FNF Friday Night Funkin rap battle #shorts #fnf #fridaynightfunkin #video #rapbattle

Acting Out Rap Battles
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#shorts #fnf #fridaynightfunkin #newgrounds #flash #parappa #parappatherapper #playstation #rapbattle

Link to the original battle:

in this clip, the boyfriend from fnf or friday night funkin rap battles parappa the rapper from sony. fnf and parappa the rapper have always been compared due to their similar play styles of rapping what other people have said back to them in their games, so this battle felt natural to make.

friday night funkin is a an open-source rhythm game first released as a demo in 2020 for a game jam by newground developers like ninjamuffin99 and phantomarcade. it uses influences from series like ddr or dance dance revolution, parappa the rapper, and other adobe flash made games like the henry stickmin games and madness combat. the game has also been known for all of the fnf mods that have popped up over the years featuring characters from undertale, ddlc or doki doki literature club, among us, pvz or plants vs zombies, super mario, the binding of issac, five nights at freddys or fnaf, minecraft, poppy playtime, danganronpa, and hundreds of more. fnf has started from a kickstarter which eventually got fight night funkin things like seven weeks and more content. thankfully, we may eventually get more fnf content or friday night funkin mods, seeing how we’ve already had spin offs like friday night arena based off of the game! parappa the rapper is a sony rhythm game for the playstation alongside games like sly cooper, little big planet, uncharted, crash bandicoot, twisted metal, god of war, and spyro the dragon, that released in 1996 in japan and 1997 everywhere else. it follows the titular character rapping his way through things like car raps, flea markets, and master onion in order to win the love of sunny funny. it went on to inspire a sequel, um jammer lammy, other rhythm games like rhythm heaven and beat saber, and more. despite everything going great for it, it hasn’t been going great, with the last biggest game featuring parappa being playstation all stars battle royale along side kratos and nathan drake decades ago. hopefully parappa the rapper returns one day!

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