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Welcome back to Hypno’s Lullaby V2. Playing the next Story Mode week which is Lost Silver. It was insanely hard. SMASH the like button for part 3! Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Back at it with the funky times lets get spoopy

  2. Fun Fact: The person in the second song of this week is Sliver (The Gen 2 Rival) and the new version of Monochrome is called “Monochrome (Perish Mix)”

  3. 1:00: Frostbite (Easter Egg – Snow On Mt. Silver).

    7:43: Insomnia (Lost Silver Hidden).

    12:55: Monochrome (Lost Silver).

    22:23: Death Toll (Hell Bell).

    When Pikachu bites its arm during Frostbite, its using the move Pain Split.
    The dead bodies in the background of Frostbite include Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Snorlax, and Espeon.

  4. I really want to know what would happen if you went below 90% accuracy in "insomnia."
    I'm pretty sure something happens, mainly because the accuracy is highlighted in that song, but I have no idea what.
    Mind checking it out for me, Vapor?

  5. i havnt seen your content in so long and after a few years of youtube stoping recomending your videos to me your videos are still as awesome as i remember

  6. This build has a "bug" when you press 1 you can skip the song and in Monochrome you have to type "Boo!",
    so you have to press 1, bassically "Boo!" means instant loose.

    Also pls check the pause menu it has some sick art on each song

  7. oh no "This Mod has been trashed for a rule violation. Copyright" .w.

  8. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶ says:

    Fact: red wasn’t replaced, Nintendo has a DEATHGRIP on that mans.

    “No more”


  9. By the way, the whole "playing as Dawn then as BF later" thing in the death toll song happens because boyfriend gets put inside the Bimbembo DS.
    When the dude you're fighting (idk his name) pulls out the contract, Boyfriend's name slowly appears, while Boyfriend also replaces Dawn (or to be more specific, the game's MC). He then gets stuck in the game, probably forever (or until Girlfriend releases him)
    Or at least, that's what I believe. I'm no expert, and I don't know the creepypasta, but I think that's how it works.

  10. The game overs for "Insomnia" and "Death toll" are disturbing, and "Monochrome " sounds more awesome, I really like the transition into the second half of the song!

  11. Didn't know you wen't to FNF vapor lol. I miss FNAF songs

  12. If you wanna unlock the next week, you gotta press 7 in the shop, then 7 again on the main menu, then you’ll find the cartridge after Lost Silver’s

  13. just love watching multiple people watch the same mod, but then they are too oblivious 25:02 to react to anything, making watching the vid pointless

    (this isn't hate< I just getting annoyed that. iwatch so many vid of the same thing for reactions and then don't get the reaction)

  14. Mod context:

    Frostbite is based on the creepypasta Snow on Mount Silver…oh boy, this story…this was a story in a corrupted game cartridge of pokemon blue that, in the story, was created by a kid misusing a game shark (a cheating device that alters the internal data of games, popular with pokemon since it helped get legendaries and rare items) and it created this depressing story that traumatized them forever and made them mentally unstable for a time. It revolves around gold being stuck on mount silver, where it is freezing cold. His pokemon slowly die from frostbite (and I mean ACTUALLY die), the pokemon you fight are literally dying from frostbite with parts of their bodies breaking off (like the ones you see in the song), you fight Red, who appears normal at first but then is revealed that you were fighting a dead corpse that whole time (like in the song), and then Typlosion, Gold’s last pokemon and only source of heat, dies…and Gold dies shortly after…a slow inevitable death he couldn’t escape as he watched his pokemon die around him…

    The Feraligatr and Kid in Insomnia is and Silver from lost silver hidden, I believe a prequel to the lost silver story. If you go through a certain route in a cave, you will end up at a river with an eyeless silver and a sleeping eyeless feraligatr, interacting with the feraligatr will cause it to wake up and look for what woke it, causing a fight. you can’t do anything during this fight, and after a bit it will fall asleep, and your only option is to use nightmare, which instantly kills it despite it only being meant to do 25% health. Afterwards, Silver will simply say “even…” when you talk to her and she’ll then disappear…

    Death Toll has the Gentleman and Hell Bell from the creepypasta Hell Bell. After receiving a shiny bronzong named Hell Bell with 666 stats in a trade, the game started to alter greatly from it’s presence. It gave multiple letters asking for the player to return it to the lost tower, which was where it was caught by “Beelze” (likely short for Beelzebub, a demon). The route was devoid of people except for a man who kept saying “RING THE BELL” over and over. Once in the tower and going through a path that’s not supposed to be there, all while a bell is heard ringing louder and louder, you return it to a gentleman trainer and he asks for their real name so he can thank them. He then says they now belong to him and Hell Bell uses imprisonment…then the DS’s battery dies. After this, it seemed to have effects on the player’s life.

  15. In the final build, the Game Over for Frostbite is different (Freakachu killing Blake is replaced with the word RETRY in white letters on a black screen).

  16. I'd recommend to press 7 in the main menu to instantly unlock the songs, that candle one is bugged so you'll need to press 7 if you wanna play it

  17. Did you really missed the part where Boyfriend's name was signed in the contract? =P

  18. Futstnof all POOR LOST and then not the second but in and black is rather RED or GLICHY RED

  19. I see you studied…. good. Now…. Week 3. I don't necessarily know how to unlock it, but I will tell you a secret….. if you press 7 in the shop, it gives you 9999 coins, and unlocks everything. Pressing seven on the main menu unlocks everything. Gallery isn't functional and is a soft lock so dont do it. I only tell you this because I dont know how to get Week 3, however after you have bought everything, press it to play it, and to play a Song that keeps crashing when you enter that Pokemon Center in Safety Lullaby. As for everything else…. good luck. If you want to know which Creepypastas are for what, here you go.

    Hypno's Week: Hypno's Lullaby
    Frostbite: Snow on Mount Silver
    Insomnia: A Split and Secret Path in the "Lost Silver" ROM Hack Game.
    Monochrome: Lost Silver
    Isotope: Glitchy Red
    Dissention: Strangled Red
    Death Toll: Hell Bell

    I'd love to see you read the Creepypasta's or even play the ROM Hacks! Also, dont forget to check the Pokédex on the menu. The art is Insane and the Music is a Banger! (You may or may not recognize a certain tune from a cartoon show in the background)
    Also…. if you could, I recommend checking out the Art in the Pause Menu's and the Game Overs! They dont get that much attention.
    Have a Good Day Vapor!

  20. “I have to press it once in a while” proceeds to go ham while spamming the space bar

  21. i think there might be an update for the flippy flipped out v2 mod

  22. Words an FNF player never wants to hear, "I'm dead"

  23. Vapor, when you finish all the songs, you should do all of the death animations! (except for frostbite, since you already got that one.)

  24. Fun fact: In the monochrome extended part the name of the song at the top or bottom becomes corrupted.

  25. Vapor You can play the antiphaty mod?

  26. the photo of this vid is like pikachu trying to eat meat hole salami

  27. Vapor you need to react to AP’s Music Box Remix!

  28. The insonia song was thw rival onpokemon silver/gold game

  29. Vapor can you play a Horror game call MR HOPP'S PLAYHOUSE

  30. Me seeing the intro:
    (The beginning) oh it’s the same old

  31. Lesson learned: Never abuse your heavily injured Pokémon's power (especially on Mount Silver)

  32. when you die in monochrome be like:You:Noooo I lost the final exam! |Gold:I'm not impressed.

  33. Day five of asking for this (I won't give up cuz I'm determined): Vapor, could you check out the songs "Always Come Back" by Give Heart Record (ft. NateWantsToBattle), and "The Monster Inside" (a mashup of "The Child Inside" by Five Nights Music, and "Nightmare" by NateWantsToBattle. (The mashup was done by GlitchyNeon))?

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