FNF INDIE CROSS BLEW MY MIND. INCREDIBLE MOD. | Friday Night Funkin (Indie Cross Full Mod) - currygoatrevenge.com

FNF INDIE CROSS BLEW MY MIND. INCREDIBLE MOD. | Friday Night Funkin (Indie Cross Full Mod)

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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin where in this video we’ll be taking a look at the long awaited Indie Cross mod! This is an extremely ambitious project created by some amazingly talented people and it REALLY paid off! These mods keep getting better and better. Enjoy!!

P.S. My bad for having to disable some mechanics on the songs, I was super short on time and knew I’d have had no time to edit this up if I didn’t!

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0:00 Intro Cutscene
0:57 Intro
02:01 Wk 1 Cutscene 1
02:35 Snake Eyes
04:46 Wk 1 Cutscene 2
05:33 Technicolor Tussle
08:19 Wk 1 Cutscene 3
08:54 Knockout
13:41 Wk 1 Ending Cutscene
14:58 Wk 2 Cutscene 1
16:07 Whoopee
19:21 Wk 2 Cutscene 2
20:10 Sansational
22:22 Wk 2 Cutscene 3
23:23 Final Stretch
26:22 Wk 2 Ending Cutscene
27:29 Wk 3 Cutscene 1
28:00 Imminent Demise
30:56 Wk 3 Cutscene 2
31:37 Terrible Sin
34:05 Wk 3 Cutscene 3
34:59 Last Reel
38:44 Wk3 Cutscene 4
39:10 Nightmare Run
43:13 Wk 3 Ending Cutscene
46:31 Satanic Funkin
48:41 Bonedoggle
50:53 Ritual
53:01 Freaky Machine


  1. Geez Cuphead collects cards really fast. He shoots more than 5 big shots and still is able to do an ultimate attack after the song.

  2. actually, that is ruining look at cup heads ball of you see a full line of all the arrows, that's a warning me once, it almost gets to the you want to Dodge cause that that's when he goes super boom like that, there is a voice, you could make another video where you try it and you since you know that thing now, I since I told you and you know nothing now yay for you, yese ways is for you

  3. The sans mechanics are the best cause they obey the rules of undertale. Move on orange, dont move on blie


  5. To get the secret levels play all the cuphead sans and bendy songs on hard OK

  6. Ryan u gotta check out VS Herobrine : Reborn tales

  7. Can you play vs camellia mod it's really good but VERY HARD so if you want a real challenge then I suggest you play that mod

  8. Hey 8 bitryan can you please play fang Wednesday identify part 2

  9. Suggestions:
    Wednesday infidelity’
    Mistful crimson morning’
    B-sides redux or something’
    And probably that’s all

  10. it's a shame ryan was not able to experience the full mod, with the updates to the game you can take your time to get used to the insta death stuff, I mean if even i can get good at this then im certain Ryan could with a bit of practice

  11. BTW in knockout if you had the mechanics, when it went silent cuphead killed mugman!

  12. I use ASKL for the button input, so I think I understand your space bar pain. XD

    Absolute banger concerto, this mod is! 🙂

  13. Bijuu mike did better!? U hit more notes than him 8 bit ryan

  14. Please play Vs. Dave and Bambi, it's pretty cool. If you do, though I will tell you some stuff.

    Pressing 7 on any joke song will take you to a song called Cheating. Repetitive song but it's extremely difficult.

    Pressing 7 on Cheating will take you to a song called Unfairness. Don't even try it.

    Does it go further? Don't even try.

    There is a 1 in 10,000 chance that upon opening the game there is an image of Bambi flipping you off and after 10 seconds, there's a jumpscare. Just letting you know in case that's the first thing that happens when you open the game.

    Good luck with Splitathon, you'll need it!

    P.S. It's 10 minutes long.

  15. 8 bit ryan can you play the fnf rush e mod if u thought tricky and whitty were hard oh boy you dont know what ur in for

  16. The first Cuphead one you only missed One

  17. Thiếu bài Burning In Hell và các bài Nightmare

  18. I bet Indie Cross is gonna win the Grammy Award, Oscars, and #1 best fnf mod in the country 🙂

  19. Freaky machine was probably my favorite, along with bone doggle mainly because of it having big references to songs

  20. There was actually supposed to be a hiding mechanic in Week 3, you had to press space. 😛

  21. Is that gf at the beggining of the intro cutscene?

  22. Hey Ryan if you actually attack sans you get the song burning in hell

  23. "its been 5 months since I last played this" then being 5 more month's

  24. 34:16 if you edited in that song nice but if you didn't they didn't ask for permission to use that song, it's from hollow knight

  25. Thank god god to learned to play this game and became an expert with one hand, it feels alot better, two handed people should practice with one hand

  26. Bendy mortl combat style finish him bf:fatality

  27. There is a secret song if you attack sans the song is called burning in hell

  28. I play this song and the song hasn’t changed yet so I’m going to refresh it at night

  29. Yo on nightmare run bf rrl hates bendy he flippin him off like crasy

  30. Your cool, I already beat that game and beaten it with mechanics

  31. I dont think your a terrible player and no i didnt do it on my first time, i just get sad when you turn it on but i understand that you want to enjoy the song, and i have the more i want to be challenge mindset, your an amazing player and dont let nobody tell you otherwise my dude.

  32. My bad for not being able to beat all of the songs on their hardest difficulty!! I just really wanted to have this video still covering the whole mod and was pretty short on time.

    I'll hopefully get around to revisiting this mod soon to try the Nightmare songs! Enjoy in the mean time 🙂

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