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FNF Soft Mod WEEK 1 – Friday Night Funkin’

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The first week of the new FNF Soft Mod for Friday Night Funkin. The soft mod includes brand new art, music, cutscenes and so much more. In week 1 we get a taste of the Starcrossed, Fresh, Dad Battle and No Cigar songs.


00:00 Loading Screeen & Menu
00:27 Dialogue 1
01:26 Starcrossed Song
02:50 Dialogue 2
03:19 Dialogue 3
04:00 Fresh Song
05:26 Dialogue 4
05:49 Dad Battle Song
07:19 Dialogue 5
07:42 No Cigar Song
09:46 Week 1 Ending Dialogue



  1. They’re adorable and deserve all the happiness!

  2. The last song after dad battle is so awesome. 🙂 Is it just something that the creator added?

  3. I just peeped that. Pico sprayed him with purple paint. lol

  4. Fnf sofr is easier than original fnf

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